December 5, 2022

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Emergency call via smartwatch: Woman buried alive frees herself from hole in ground

Emergency call via smartwatch
A woman buried alive frees herself from a hole in the ground

In the US, a 53-year-old man allegedly committed the unimaginable: He kidnapped her, stabbed her multiple times, and then buried her alive, according to his estranged wife. Her smartwatch is said to be the reason for her rescue, among other things.

In America, a woman is believed to have survived her husband’s attempted murder. Like an American TV station NBC News A 53-year-old man tied up his wife, stabbed her multiple times and buried her alive, according to the sheriff of Thurston County in Washington state. According to her own reports, the woman first managed to free her hands and then freed herself from the hole in the floor.

According to the report, police found a desperate woman behind a shed on the property around 1 a.m. Monday. She reportedly shouted, ‘My husband is trying to kill me.’ This time, she had duct tape around her neck and ankles. He reportedly had injuries on his legs, arms and head. There was dirt on her clothes and hair.

“The sound of cocking and cocking”

The woman told the police that she was attacked by her husband when she and her husband had an argument over the divorce and money. He then allegedly taped her eyes and mouth and taped her hands behind her back with duct tape. Her ankles and thighs were also stuck together.

Despite being handcuffed, the woman was reportedly able to use her smartwatch to alert police and several acquaintances. She was said to be unable to ask for help because her mouth was taped. Police drove to their home, about 60 kilometers southwest of Seattle, because they heard “gasping and gasping noises.” Meanwhile, the 53-year-old husband allegedly destroyed the woman’s smart watch with a hammer and drove her to a wooded area in the family’s car.

Buried for several hours

There, the man allegedly dug a hole and stabbed the woman several times in the chest. He then dragged her into the grave, covered her body with branches, and began to fill the hole with earth.

The woman is believed to have been buried alive for several hours before freeing her arms. After she was released, they say she ran for about 30 minutes. Then she found the shed.

Her estranged husband was arrested a short time later. He faces charges of kidnapping and attempted murder.

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