February 2, 2023

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Escape via Belarus – Iraqi refugee says: “I am not a person there” – Politics Abroad

Terrifying information about the conditions in Poland and Belarus!

BILD reporter Yasemin Yavuz met the young Iraqi Reving (27) at the opening reception at Eisenhüttenstadt on Tuesday. In BILD LIVE he tells – over the fences of an isolated camp – how he traveled from Iraq to Belarus via Turkey and then fled to Germany via Poland as a herdsman.

The refugee says with tears that there were inhumane conditions in Poland and Belarus. His voice loosens and he cries. In Poland, for example, people resorted to violence against their friends. The young Iraqi woman said she was beaten, wounded in the arm and tortured by electric shock.

Now he hopes the Germans will treat him better. “There are good and good people in Germany,” says the young refugee. He also praised the conditions in the German refugee camp.

“I feel like a person here. In Poland and Belarus I was not treated like a human being,” the refugee cries.

Hope for a better life in Germany – it cost him all his efforts and, according to his own account, a total of $ 8,000 for tickets and smugglers.

In Germany, he was picked up by federal police 100 meters behind the border, treated for identification in Frankfurt / Oder, and then taken to an initial reception facility.

This belief – a life in Germany – nurtures many more young people like him. The Reving has a cousin who, according to his family, left Iraq and is currently in Istanbul. He also plans to go to Minsk on the next flight – Destination: Germany too.

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Background: Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko has been luring refugees from the Middle East to Minsk from the summer to the Polish border. Promise: Easy entry into the EU, especially Germany.

Polish and Belarusian border police have been pushing refugees back and forth for weeks. Sometimes people camp at the border at temperatures below zero, warming up around the fire, exhausted and injured.

Brandenburg’s interior minister opposes opening EU border

At BILD LIVE, Brandenburg’s Interior Minister Michael Stübgen (CDU) also spoke out against opening the EU’s outer border to immigrants. “Now opening the border means that Lukashenko is doing exactly what he is supposed to do,” Stubken said. He warned that he would lose control like in 2015.

The Lukashenko regime will decide who can and cannot apply for asylum in the European Union, i.e. in Germany.

Stübgen relies on “tough international diplomacy”. He sees the “smuggling system organized by the states.” In addition to the Belarusian regime of dictator Alexander Lukashenko, Russia and Turkey are also involved. “We have diplomatic relations and we have economic relations with these countries. And make sure it stops. Also, I think the future president should make this a priority.

Like the EU Refugee Agreement with Turkey, it may be part of an agreement to accept specific immigrants and refugees after appropriate pledges. But it can only be done within the framework of “solution and suppression of this smuggling system in the direction of Belarus”.