December 10, 2022

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Estonia wants to send guns: Germany blocks arms supply to Ukraine

Estonia wants to send guns
Germany suspends arms supply to Ukraine

Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia are sending arms to Kiev to boost Ukraine’s security capabilities. However, due to Germany’s veto, the supply of Estonian guns failed. Because howitzers come from old GTR stocks.

According to a newspaper report, Germany is blocking Estonian military supplies to Ukraine. The Wall Street Journal quoted Estonian and German officials as saying that NATO allies were not allowed to send artillery made in Germany. “Germany is very reluctant to offer us,” Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Resnikov told the newspaper. It also quoted a German government spokesman as specifying the export terms. Currently not allowed and the outcome of the procedure cannot be assessed.

According to the “Wall Street Journal”, the guns are T-30 howitzers, and the projectiles fly about 20 kilometers. The first weapons manufactured in the Soviet Union were the former GDR. After reunification, the guns were exported to Finland. In 2009 they were deported to Estonia.

The Estonian government adviser expressed hope that more approval would be obtained. In view of the tensions with Russia, the United States, Great Britain and Poland have agreed to send arms to Ukraine. On Friday, however, President Olaf Scholes again rejected the supply of arms. Foreign Minister Annalena Pierbach has also spoken out against it. Mary-Agnes Strock-Zimmerman, on the other hand, chair of the Security Council in the Bundestock for the FDP, has recently been ready to discuss arms supplies.

In addition to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania announced in a joint statement in the evening that they would supply US-made anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine. This should strengthen the security capabilities of Ukraine. Estonia will supply javelin anti-tank missiles, Latvia and Lithuania Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and other equipment.

The United States has agreed to supply US-made weapons to Ukraine. “We truly believe that Ukraine should not use this equipment and urge the Russian Federation to stop its aggressive and irresponsible behavior,” the statement said.

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