February 1, 2023

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Europe is preparing for refugees from Ukraine

ZIn the event of a widespread Russian invasion of Ukraine, one of the challenges facing Central European countries is the wave of refugee threats. Hundreds or even millions are expected, depending on the situation Refugees. “We are very vigilant and ready for every possible situation,” Union Home Minister Nancy Fasser (SPD) said in Vienna on Monday, where she linked the inaugural visit of Austrian Interior Minister Heart Corner to the opening of the Balkan Refugee Conference.

Heckard Knock

Warsaw-based political correspondent in Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Thomas Kutzker

Brussels-based EU political correspondent for NATO and Penelope.

They are preparing to provide “shelter and humanitarian assistance” in the hope that the “worst” will be avoided. However, Germany sees a focus on humanitarian aid in countries bordering Ukraine: “We are preparing above all to support our neighbors. This is the first scene.”

The EU Has been working with member states on contingency plans for several weeks. This was stated by EU Interior Commissioner Yilva Johansson during a security conference in Munich over the weekend. He also mentioned countries bordering Ukraine, which has a population of 41 million. The basis for this is the footage based on UN information and experiences following the Russian operation against Ukraine in 2014. If an attack occurs only in the east, it is expected that most of the fleeing people will first seek refuge in the western part of Ukraine. They will need support there, Johansson said.

Ukraine, for its part, has sought the help of EU member states through the Civil Protection Mechanism. The letter, which lists the items needed, includes “the risk of major social emergencies of varying complexity.” Five EU countries have already responded. France supplies 15 large tents, 300 family tents, sleeping bags, sanitary ware and 36 mobile medical containers – equipment needed to care for refugees.

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