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Expansion in the Middle East: Hamas fired hundreds of rockets at Israel

As of: May 12, 2021 3:42 am.

In the Israeli coastal metropolis of Tel Aviv, a rocket alarm was sounded several times during the night. The radical Islamist Hamas said it was currently firing about 200 rockets at Israel. There are casualties on both sides.

The radical Islamist Hamas is said to have fired dozens of rockets at Israel that night. The Hamas militant group says it is currently firing 110 missiles in Tel Aviv and 100 in Beersheva. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a Israeli military base.

Hamas had earlier said a nine-storey building in the center of Gaza City had been destroyed. So the house had apartments, shops and a local TV station. Hamas had already fired 130 rockets at Tel Aviv on Tuesday evening.

Missile warning in Tel Aviv

In the Israeli coastal metropolis, several rocket alarms were triggered in the early hours of the morning. Scream alarm sirens and several explosions were heard in the city. “Families are getting up and rushing to shelters,” the Israeli military said on its Twitter page.

There was a missile alarm in Birsheva in the south of the country and in the coastal city of Ashkelon. Rescue workers say one person was killed and another was injured in a parking lot near Tel Aviv. In Judea, in the Greater Tel Aviv area, a house was hit directly. The 84-year-old man in Tel Aviv collapsed on his way to a shelter, the news site “Yed” reported.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had previously said on television that Palestinian militants should pay a “very high price” for a rocket attack. Israel will increase the “strength and frequency” of its air strikes in light of the ongoing shelling.

The rocket alarm had already been triggered in Tel Aviv on Tuesday evening and several explosions were heard. The Israeli army previously destroyed a building containing members of the Hamas Politburo and spokesmen for the Islamic Palestinian Organization in the Gaza Strip. A Hamas spokesman had previously threatened to launch a “severe” rocket attack on Tel Aviv if the “Hanadi Tower” was destroyed.

Israeli officials declare a state of emergency in the city of Lod

Police say Israeli authorities have declared a state of emergency in the city of Lodh after the “riots” of the Arab minority. His office said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had given the green light. Earlier, according to Israeli police, there were “riots” by local Arab minorities in the city center after the violent death of an Arab Israeli.

According to Israeli media, three synagogues and several shops were set on fire. Police said several vehicles caught fire. “There was widespread unrest from some Arab residents and the people were in danger,” police said. Violent clashes erupted in Lod on Monday, in which an Arab Israeli was killed. Police said the situation worsened on Tuesday evening.

Of Lot’s 77,000, 47,000 were Jews and 23,000 were Arab Israelis. The government announced that reinforcements would be sent. An AFP reporter said Netanyahu had called for a peaceful move to a city near the Tel Aviv metropolis.

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Hamas: “I will not back down”

In the past few days the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has come to a head again. The militant Palestinians have fired more than 800 rockets at Israel from the Gaza Strip since Monday, according to the Israeli military. The Israeli air force, for its part, hit about 500 targets in isolated coastal areas. There were casualties on both sides.

Mutual shelling continued Wednesday night. A spokesman for militant Islamists in the Gaza Strip said Hamas would not back down. “If Israel attacks, the armed opposition will strike again.”

Dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries

The Israeli military announced last night that it had “attacked several important terrorist targets and terrorist activists in the Gaza Strip” over the past few hours. The number of Palestinians killed has risen to 35, including twelve children and three women, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. 233 people were injured.

Two women on the Israeli side were killed by rockets from the Gaza Strip. The two women died in the coastal city of Ashkelon, according to Israeli rescue service Megan David Adom. A spokesman blamed the rocket attack on the Palestinians. The Jaga Rescue Service announced a massive fire with dozens of rockets in a short period of time – apparently with the intention of exaggerating the Israeli defense system’s Iron Dome (Iron Dome).

“We are ready for expansion”

Israeli Armed Forces spokesman Jonathan Conrigus stressed that Israel was doing everything possible to “avoid joint damage.” There is no evidence that civilians were killed in the airstrikes in Gaza.

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Like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier in the day, Congres said the fighting would last a long time: “We are at an early stage of our reaction against military targets in the Gaza Strip and we are ready for expansion.” Conrigus accused the Palestinian side of planning attacks for a long time.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Kants approved the mobilization of about 5,000 reservists in support of the armed forces. As stated in it ARDReporters Suzanne Klaus and Tim Asman say Israel is strengthening its forces on the border with Gaza. Many troops are heading south.

Hundreds of people were injured in the clashes in Jerusalem

Hamas, on the other hand, justified its rocket fire on Israel by justifying it as a “reactionary Israel” to “crimes and occupations against the Holy City”. The attack is a “compensatory retaliation.” The past few days have seen increasingly violent clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces, in which hundreds of people have been injured.

The provocations, among other things, threatened to evict Palestinian families from their homes and residences in the Sheikh Zarra district, and Israeli authorities threatened to surround the Temple Mount in the old city.