December 4, 2022

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Fake Pokemon Scarlett, Violet Fuikoku "leak" mocking thirsty fans

Fake Pokemon Scarlett, Violet Fuikoku “leak” mocking thirsty fans

A strange creature of an orange lizard is smiling at the viewer.

picture: The Pokémon Company / Kotaku

scarlet pokemon And the Violet Currently stuck in a whirlwind Alleged leaksbut the text in one illegitimate image makes fun of people who are covering up any morsel of information they can get instead of providing any real information about upcoming games.

The image was first posted on 4chan before making its way to Twitter last week courtesy of PokemonLEAKS, an account that has garnered nearly 12,000 followers since joining the social networking site two months ago. While the apparent leak appears to depict an evolution of Fuecoco, scarlet pokemon And the VioletBeginning with the type of fire, a careful investigation reveals that it is anything but.

“Hey, idiot,” reads the Japanese text, according to the new Twitter account Out of context Pokémon In addition to providing reliable translation to Kotaku by future club Designer Earl Gertwagen. “How are you dealing with not having a girlfriend?”

In fact, the only real detail is the name Fuecoco (ホ ーータ, or “Hogator”) in the upper left corner. The other part of the text apparently referring to the fake Pokémon name, 脳, combines the two Japanese words for “brains” and “insufficient.” I’m told this is a generic term roughly meaning “dumbass,” but the Japanese insult is also considered to be much softer and less crude than its English counterpart.

Secret Diss collected nearly 200 retweets after appearing on PokemonLEAKS on July 14th. However, it got most of its attention, thanks to the offensive text.

It seems everyone and their mothers claim to have early info on me scarlet pokemon And the Violet. Fans have spent the past week and a half scanning a variety of blurry images supposedly from upcoming games, and some believe they reveal new battle mechanics, Pokémon debuts, well-known Pokémon evolutions, and gym leaders.

Whether or not any of this information is real is still up in the air. As we’ve seen over previous release cycles, talented artists are more than willing to take the time fake pokemon invention If it means tricking those desperate for details. We won’t even know for sure scarlet pokemon And the Violet Come on Switch on November 18th, but it’s fun to speculate in the meantime, especially when creative fakes are ready to deconstruct these very serious investigations with some light ribbing.

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