December 5, 2022

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Fear of the state, not the virus: Muscovites do not want to be vaccinated

Fear of the state, not the virus
Muscovites do not want to be vaccinated

There are plenty of vaccines in Moscow. You can find anti-corona shovels in parks and shopping malls. Problem: Many people simply do not want to be vaccinated. Spatnik V has been available to everyone for half a year now – so far only ten percent of Muscovites have accepted the offer.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sofiani regrets the skepticism of many citizens about the corona vaccine. “People are getting sick, people are dying, but they don’t want to be vaccinated,” he said in a video posted on his website. It is unfortunate that vaccinations have been available to all Russians for almost six months.

Moscow launched its corona vaccine campaign in December with the Russian vaccine Sputnik V and quickly expanded it to all those who want to get vaccinated. Despite the opening of numerous vaccination centers – even in shopping centers and parks – so far less than 1.3 million Muscovites have accepted the offer. That is, ten per cent of the population of the capital.

Anna Popova, head of the Russian Health Authority, also called on Russians to get the corona vaccine. “Anyone who can be vaccinated should do so,” he told the Rosia 24 broadcaster, pointing out that vaccination centers are open around the clock. President Vladimir Putin has also called on the Russians to vaccinate their flocks to achieve immunity next fall. According to official sources, Putin was vaccinated by cameras.

Nearly two-thirds do not want the vaccine

Although Russia is one of the countries most severely affected by the corona epidemic, many residents of the country are skeptical of the corona vaccine. In a study conducted by Levada in April, 62 percent of those questioned did not want to be vaccinated. Experts also see this as a result of widespread distrust of the Russians by the authorities.

According to the survey, 56 percent of Russians are not afraid of the virus. Many refuse to wear mouth and nose lids on public transportation. According to the Cocoa website, which compiles statistics from several media outlets, only 10.5 million Russians across the country have received both doses of the corona vaccine. The country of about 144 million people has not released any official data on the progress of the vaccination campaign.

Russia has developed several vaccines so far, the first being Sputnik V. In order to vaccinate people, the authorities have promised a number of benefits, including a small amount of money for the elderly.

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