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Biden Criticized by Fellow Democrats Following Iowa Polls

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The latest Iowa polls conducted by Selzer and Co. to find out the most favorite Democratic leader for 2020 presidential elections in the country, brought in a wave of criticism from various Democrats.

While criticizing former Vice President Joe Biden on the basis of  the results of the polls, Democrats said that the candidates with less votes are equally important, believing that the poll results are not always true to conclude one as a leader, though it showed that the candidates were close enough to have ties.

As per the polls, Biden was seen leading the Democratic field with a total support of 24 percent, although his lead has significantly dropped. Since officially entering the presidential race in April, the Democratic hopeful has significantly encountered many leads in various national and state polls.

The second position was a tie between three democrats, Sen. Bernie Sanders with 16 percent support, Sen. Elizabeth Warren with 15 percent support and Mayor Pete Buttigieg with 14 percent support.

Commenting on the Iowa polls results, Sanders – who is consistently seen to be on the second place behind Biden – said that none of the leaders could attain 50 percent support, indicating the 2016 polls for presidential elections, wherein neither Sanders nor former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reached 50 percent.

On the other hand, Warren, who recently entered the race, displayed one of her best Iowa showings as per the polls.

Despite various appearances focusing on the win, Beto O’Rourke’s (D-Texas) votes dropped to 2 percent from 11 since December. Condemning the Iowa polls, the Texas Democrat stated, “If I relied on polls, in any race that I’d run, I never would have been able to serve in the United States Congress, we never would have tried to take on Ted Cruz, and we wouldn’t have been able to lead the largest grass-roots effort in the state of Texas.”

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn) appeared among the top six polling candidates with 2 percent votes. Sen. Kamala Harris received 7 percent support from the public voters..

With the polls, several Democratic leaders criticized Biden, for being the frontrunner. Sanders criticized him and his views regarding his belief that a middle ground strategy would be fruitful for all, mitigating the threats of the climate crisis.

“In my view, that approach is not just bad public policy, but it is a failed political strategy that I feel could end up with the reelection of Donald Trump,” Sanders said.  

Biden’s response to the ongoing fight for abortion rights in the country also sparked controversies from many Democrats. It also divided the Democrats in their views and as a result, a political rift formed in between the members. The issue seemed to have advantaged the Republicans.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand stated, “I don’t think there is room in our party for a Democratic candidate who does not support women’s full reproductive freedom.” 

With Biden emerging victorious in the Iowa polls and Warren not too far, Ann Selzer, who conducted the survey, said “That’s a strong showing for Elizabeth Warren. I think that all of the publicity lately and all of the polls lately are so Biden-heavy that for her to have any metric that shows her on par (with him) … it says to me there are people who are paying attention. Again, in a field this big, that’s step one. First, you have to get people to pay attention.”

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