February 4, 2023

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Fierce conflict between Germany and America

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was at the White House on Thursday to consult with the federal government on the delivery of the Cheetah 2 to Ukraine. Obviously a banger.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin dpa / Boris Rosler

America is obsessed with the German federal government: The Deferred Decision According to media reports, the supply of Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine has provoked angry reactions from the US government.

According to a Süddeutsche Zeitung report, Defense Minister Lloyd Austin briefed US government sources on his talks in Berlin. Accordingly, Austin stayed longer than planned at the presidential palace last Thursday and engaged in a “fierce argument” with Chancellor Wolfgang Schmidt.

A heated argument between Austin and Shawls’ staff at the President’s House

Scholz delivers Leopard main battle tanks and supplies main battle tanks to Ukraine, freeing them from stocks in other US dependent countries. In particular, Germany wants to supply Abrams M1 battle tanks only when the US sends them. The US Secretary of Defense indicated that loading and operating these tanks would be time-consuming and time-consuming. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius is reportedly not privy to the condition.

Austin was particularly upset that the federal government had publicly expressed its demands on the United States prior to the Ramstein meeting. The newspaper writes that the US defense adviser protested violently and strongly over the phone to Scholes’ foreign policy adviser.

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