December 10, 2022

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Fire spreads: Hundreds fight as Austria’s biggest wildfire

The fire is spreading
Hundreds of people are fighting against Austria’s biggest wildfire

Austria is currently battling the largest wildfire in its history. The fire is spreading very fast. Now comes an idea on the Chancellor site.

A wildfire 100 kilometers south of Vienna keeps the fire brigade busy. Today, Thursday, about 500 aides were on duty, including 400 firefighters. On several flights, helicopters poured water to extinguish the blaze in the area of ​​the impossible fire. This will prevent the fire from spreading to the neighboring forest. Settlements are not in danger.

The fire broke out on Monday. The fire spread very quickly – from five to 100 hectares in ten hours. The blaze, which struck about 150 football stadiums, is considered the largest wildfire in Austria to date.

Now the Austrian high government has got a picture of the crisis area. “The challenge facing emergency services in the Rux-Schneiberg area is enormous,” said President Alexander Shalenberg. Also present were Defense Minister Claudia Tanner and Agriculture Minister Elizabeth Gostinger.

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