December 10, 2022

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Firefighters burn forests: More than 40 die in hellfire in Algeria – News Abroad

Dramatic fire pictures from Algeria!

Flames go all over the country, people fleeing death. A total of 25 soldiers died trying to save lives!

This increases the death toll to at least 42. There have been more than 70 fires in the north of the country, according to the Algerian government. During a visit to the affected city of Tizi Ouzou, Interior Minister Kamal Beltjout blamed the fire on the blaze. Four suspects were arrested.

Most of the fires occurred in Capilia, a densely forested and densely mountainous area east of the capital Algiers. Interior Minister Beltjouth said the fire was “criminal in nature” during his visit to DC Uzo. “50 fires at once is not possible”.

Three people have been arrested in connection with a fire in Madia, northern Algeria, state radio said. So another suspect was arrested in Annaba.

President Deboun said the 25 soldiers who died in the blaze had previously saved about a hundred people from fires in Pejana and DC Oso. A further 14 players were injured.

Locals tried to put out the fire with branchesPhoto: Aptalasis Boomchar / Selectors

Residents of online networks wrote, “Help burn down Kapilia.” Videos posted there showed residents fleeing the fire on foot or in cars.

Wildfires occur in the middle of the summer sun, and water supply is low. The main dam in the area, the Thaksept, has practically dried up. The Met Office forecast 42 degrees Celsius on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Neighboring Tunisia is also currently affected by the heat wave. The capital, Tunis, recorded temperatures of 48 degrees on Tuesday, according to the Meteorological Agency.

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