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Flamboyant, ‘Master of all Trades’ Rip Taylor Dies at 84

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Famed comedian, actor and host Rip Taylor has died at the age of 84, a week after he was hospitalized post a seizure.

Born on January 13, 1932, Taylor has served in the US Army Signals Corps during the Korean War and was considered not only the jack of all trades, but also the master of all.

Popularly known as “The Crying Comedian”, Taylor came into limelight after appearing on various shows like The Monkees and a celebrity guest panelist on shows like Hollywood Squares, To Tell the Truth, and The Gong Show. The actor has also worked as a voice-artist for cartoon series like Here Comes the Grump and The Addams Family.

According to the Hollywood publicist Harlan Boll, Rip Taylor died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center at 01:59 PM in Beverly Hills. During a statement, Boll said, “The greatest joy Rip had in life was the result of making others laugh. He didn’t have an easy childhood. Abused and bullied, he said he discovered early, that they weren’t hitting you if they were laughing.”

Taylor, also called the “King of Confetti” and the “Prince of Pandemonium”, was known for his delirious entrances, handlebar moustache and colorful clothing. He was famous for being the host of talent show, “The $1.98 Beauty Pageant”.

As soon as the news of his departure circulated, people took to social network to pay tribute to Rip Taylor, the man with a flamboyant personality.

Amongst many users, Tim Long, comedy writer known for The Simpsons, tweeted, “In addition to being a kind and hilarious man — AND a brave spokesperson for survivors of childhood abuse — Rip Taylor was also the subject of, for my money, the funniest Simpsons joke I’ve ever heard pitched in the room.”

Taylor, who was never ashamed of his sexual orientation, once got involved in a dispute with author Brent Hartinger after the latter called him “openly gay” for being bisexual. Taylor’s wife Rusty Rowe, a showgirl from Las Vegas, is now survived by his long-term partner Robert Fortney.

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