December 5, 2022

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Florida: Mother shot by child during zoom call (21) – International News

Shamaya Lin, 21, was seen stepping back from her office chair by her co-workers – never waking up again.

In a tragic shooting accident in Florida, USA, a small child accidentally shot his mother while she was attending a zoom meeting.

Police in Altamonde Springs reported a sudden loud bang and Lynn fell from her chair. The child stood behind it. When the victim did not appear in front of the screen, a colleague called 911.

But Lynn could not be saved: police said the woman was shot in the head and died. Police said, “Our investigators found that the infant who found the loaded and locked gun in the apartment was seriously injured.” According to police allegations the gun belonged to the child’s father.

A police spokesman said, “Everyone who sees this, please lock your gun and lock it if you have one. Such incidents can be prevented. “

The child who killed the mother was one of two children in the family. Both are now in the care of relatives. “New York Post“. It is currently being determined whether the possessor of the weapon is threatened by the charge sheet.

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