February 3, 2023

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Florisdorf (Vienna): Samantha († 20) was brutally raped and murdered

While rescuers were treating the accused, the victim bled to death in the apartment.

Samantha († 20) is raped and killed in Vienna – she begs for mercy

Police cordoned off the horror apartment in Vienna-Florisdorf.


The charge sheet is said to contain 32 pages of horror. In June 2022, Samantha F was brutally raped and murdered in the Florisdorf district of Vienna. According to Austrian media, two men are now on trial for the horrific crime. A charge of murder was registered.

In a Vienna apartment: Samantha is raped for an hour

As “heute.at” reports, the young woman was mistreated before she tragically bled to death. In fact, Samantha F. Fabian W. Had an appointment to spend some time with (25). The 20-year-old is said to have taken the man to a company party after which they went to his apartment in Vienna and drank.

The second accused, Manuel H (30), was also said to be in the flat at the time. He is said to have been drinking with Fabian and Samantha. Shortly thereafter, the 20-year-old’s sacrifice began.

Austrian media unanimously quoted from the indictment that the men allegedly had an argument. At the end of the argument, the woman was allegedly raped. They allegedly harassed and abused the helpless Samantha FI for an hour – among other things, they allegedly injured the 20-year-old in the private area with a whiskey bottle and a 38-centimeter antenna. She reportedly begged for mercy several times and later bled to death from her wounds. Especially gruesome: the girl could have survived if one of the men had gotten help.

Convict allegedly called emergency doctor after rape – for himself

And it’s even worse. At four o’clock in the morning, Fabian W. He reportedly called the emergency services – but only for himself as he stepped on a piece of furniture on the stairs. He allegedly did not tell paramedics about Samantha, who was found critically injured in his apartment. A 20-year-old man slowly bled to death in his apartment while treating a homicide suspect at his doorstep.


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VIENNA: Men allegedly poured cold blood from the body of a dying woman

Fabian W. In the apartment, investigators allegedly saw the horror film. The “Kronen-Zeitung” writes that the bed, walls, chest of drawers and bathroom are said to be covered in blood. The men were reportedly still trying to clear the apartment. They allegedly carried an unconscious Samantha FI into a bathtub and cooled her down.

The day after the 20-year-old was already dead, Fabian W is said to have dialed the emergency call. When rescuers and the police shortly arrived, 30-year-old Manuel H. Both were arrested. Since then, the two Austrians have been detained, according to various media outlets.

The accused must answer in court that Samantha F died in her apartment.

Samantha F. The accused must answer in court that he died in his residence.


Samantha Raped and Murdered in Vienna – Do Accused Go Behind Locked Cells?

Meanwhile, the accused try to send money to each other. Fabian W is said to have declared his innocence through his lawyer. While doing so, one mentions a neighbor who allegedly heard him keep calling out: “Stop, you can’t do that.” The judge probably couldn’t believe it because: his 30-year-old friend, DNA analysis and other evidence should weigh heavily against him.

According to a psychological report, both men suffer from mixed personality disorder and use harmful cannabis. Manuel H. In the case, increased alcohol consumption and anabolic steroids should also be included. As the “Kronen-Zeitung” writes, quoting one expert, disturbances are said to have been the impetus for this terrible act. The public prosecutor’s office is said to have applied to place mentally challenged criminals in an institution. (dky)

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