December 10, 2022

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“Forcing vulnerable people”: US announces sanctions against Belarus

“Persuasion of vulnerable people”
The United States has announced sanctions against Belarus

The United States has accused Belarus of “continuing to attack human rights.” In conjunction with the EU, they want to launch punitive action against Lukashenko’s government. Meanwhile, Polish police say hundreds of migrants have tried to cross the border.

The United States has announced new sanctions on Belarus over the refugee crisis on the Polish border. U.S. State Department spokesman Nate Price said the sanctions against the Minsk government’s “inhumane” actions would be made “in close coordination with the EU and other partners and allies.” Meanwhile, Polish police said they were trying to break the border with immigrants.

Price said the leadership of Alexander Lukashenko should be held accountable for “continued attacks on democracy, human rights and international law.” “We condemn their heartless exploitation and coercion of vulnerable people and their inhumane support for the illegal movement of refugees across their borders.” Pryce also noted the tightening of sanctions against Belarus by EU foreign ministers.

Thousands of people, mainly from the Middle East, are currently stranded in Belarus on the border with EU member state Poland. The European Union (EU) has accused Lukashenko of deliberately smuggling refugees into the EU. This Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke at one Phone conversation with Lukashenko About the situation of refugees.

Meanwhile, according to the Polish Police, a group of several hundred immigrants tried in vain to cross the border forts between Poland and Belarus. A police spokesman said the incident took place near the village of Starsina, where police officers, border guards and soldiers were pelted with stones. In contrast, in the context of crossing the Kuznica border, according to Polish reports, 3,500 migrants gathered on the Belarusian side during the day, which was quiet early in the evening. A spokesman for the Secret Service’s coordinator, Stanislav Zarin, wrote on Twitter that refugees had begun to set up tents there.

He also posted pictures showing winter jackets and tents and sleeping bags under the roof of the border clearance station. Polish border guards have previously expressed concern that migrants could try to cross the border by force near Kuznica. This information cannot be verified independently as Poland has declared a state of emergency along the border. Journalists and aides are not allowed. This also applies to the border area on the Belarusian side.

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