November 30, 2022

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Foreign Minister Berbakh: Ukraine now needs “artillery, air defense, drones” – politics

Foreign Minister Annalena Berbakh has called on Ukraine to support Russian President Vladimir Putin’s new war strategy. Putin thought he could “quickly and brutally invade Ukraine and then crush the country,” the Greens politician told the ARD program “Brennpunkt” on Tuesday. “Now he sees that it doesn’t work. And his strategy has been around for a long time now. That is: “We must retain power in order to support Ukraine.”

This means: “The most arms supplies we’ve ever made.” He noted the so-called ring exchange, in which Germany supports other NATO partners with weapons so that they can supply Soviet-designed weapons to Ukraine. However, his Ukrainian envoy clarified: “After all, they need support for the terrible thing that happens in Donbass to stop it from coming out of the air. – means artillery, anti-aircraft, and drones.

Bärbock added: “We must now verify that we are really providing everything for this new strategy for Ukraine to continue to defend itself.” Otherwise there is a danger that “everything will be flattened” in the Donbass war zone in eastern Ukraine. The foreign minister warned of a situation in which Russia would play after a partial victory: “I can understand what some people think: yes, and if the guns are quiet for a while because of Putin’s participation, then everything is fine again.” But then “nothing is better”.

“Because without violence there will be no peace and freedom. But then the Russian military will restructure itself, and their declared goal is this imperialist madness: the complete conquest of Ukraine.” He insisted: “That is why we must do everything we can to protect Ukraine, even if we are tired, Stand by your side. ” Because it is clear that “peace and freedom for the whole of Europe will be preserved there.” (dpa)

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