December 10, 2022

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Former US President Barack Obama has confirmed the US military-BF Berlin UFO vision

Former US President Barack Obama, 59, has confirmed by the US military that the UFO’s vision is “real” – records were released last week showing the UFO circling a pirate ship in San Diego in July 2019.

At the James Gordon talk show, Obama said he also saw the recordings on Monday. “The truth is, there are records of objects in the sky that can’t tell exactly what they are.”

Also: “We can’t explain how they move and what kind of paths they have”. Objects are more maneuverable and faster than anything the US military possesses.

“As for the aliens, there are some things I can’t say on TV,” Obama joked with a mischievous smile on his face. “They may have found us before we found them …”

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When he came to power in 2008, he immediately asked for confidential information: “Is there a laboratory somewhere that holds aliens and spacecraft?” After “a little research”, he would have been told: “No”.

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