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Four children and mother found dead in Tennessee home

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Monday evening, four teenage children and their mother were found dead in their Tennessee home. The case seems to be a murder-suicide. Authorities are yet to determine why a stay-at-home mother would murder her children and later kill herself at their apparently “loving-home”.

The woman and children were identified as Cynthia Collier, a 55-year old mother, and her four adopted children, 14-year-olds Bo Li and Meigan Lin, 15-year-old Lia Lin and a 17-year-old Kaileigh Lin. Court records showed that the children had requested to continue living with their mother instead of their father. The bodies were discovered by Collier’s adult child at their Tennessee home.

Collier and her husband Randall Collier Sr. were separated from each other. After their marriage in 1982, the couple had three children and later adopted four children from China between 2003 and 2008.

The couple was unofficially separated since 2007 and Randall was not living with the family since 2009. They filed for a divorce earlier this year in Williamson County. During the proceedings, Collier was depicted to be able to provide a “loving” and “immaculate” home. The teenage children requested to live with their mother amidst the divorce proceedings. The court documents suggested that Randall had a strained relationship with all of his three adult children, as well as the four adopted ones.

Police recovered two firearms from the scene and evidence from their Tennessee home, that reflected the crime to be a murder-suicide. No previous reports about domestic violence or any other domestic incidence were reported from the family prior to this case. Maury County Sheriff Bucky Rowland said wounds on Collier’s body looked as if they were self-inflicted.

“This appears to be a loving home,” Rowland said. “It’s an immaculate home and a very loving family. So a motive would be very important to know what would lead someone to do this to her loved ones.”

Reportedly, the teenage children were home-schooled.

One of the adult child, who discovered the bodies and Randall were cleared as suspects, police said. Possible motives behind the deaths are still being investigated.

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