December 10, 2022

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France: Increased violence around the Corona party: Man loses hand

  • ofRichard Stroble


Violence in France has escalated around an outrageous outrage. Police violated corona rules. A man lost his hand.

REDON – Violence escalated Saturday night in northwestern France. The trigger was an illegal frenzy, which the police started due to the prevailing conditions CoronaThe rules were prohibited.

Violence escalated around the Corona ray in France

According to police, about 1,500 party guests tried to hold a rally in the small Breton town of Redon on Friday evening. The event was banned due to the corona situation in France. The guests violently resisted, however, as nearly 400 police officers tried to break into the party.

There were violent clashes that lasted more than seven hours, according to police. Some people there threw Molotov cocktails, bowl balls and stones at the security guards.

There were several injuries in the violent riot, the district in charge announced on Twitter early Saturday morning. Emmanuel Perthier said a young man lost his hand and five members of his family were injured in the violence.

According to Perth, the situation calmed down on Saturday morning. The public prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation.(dpa / rjs)