February 2, 2023

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France’s presidential candidate Zemmour Le Pen attracts team

In The time has come for those leaving the French party. The pace is in favor of Eric Zemor and against the referendum. The 63-year-old presidential candidate promises to be a “right-wing union,” and he is from a political stronghold Marine Le Pen And his Rassembled National (RN) party.

In Cannes, longtime leading national and current MEP Gilbert Collard changed his flag: as if there were no precautionary measures against epidemics, he gave his new “friend” Gemmer a long, heartfelt warmth. In turn, he stressed that Collard should be celebrated as the forerunner of the “right union” at his rally on Saturday in the presence of more than 4,000 supporters. The newcomer was greeted with great applause.

Jérôme Riviere, chairman of the Rassemblement National Group in the EU parliament, had previously announced that he was going to Zemmour. “Courage, courage, vitality is on Zemorin’s side today,” Collard said. “With him I have faith again.” He wanted to emphasize that he had nothing against Marine Le Pen. Founder of the party Jean-Marie Le Pen The outspoken lawyer Gilbert changed his name to “Conard” (“complete idiot”). “The day will come when Marine Le Pen will do the same and join Eric Gemmer,” Collard said.

Before him, Philip de Villiers, one of the most important figures on the anti-European right, hailed Zemmour as a fearless champion in uniting “patriots”.

The loss of Rio hurts Le Pen

According to a recent poll by the Ipsos Institute for the Le Monde and Jean Jaurès Foundation, Zemmour could rely on 13 percent of the vote and Marine Le Pen 15.5 percent in the first round of polls in April. By the right-wing union, Zemmour represents a wide range of voters, from supporters of former Sarkozy and Fillon to those disappointed in Le Pen, from symbolists.

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