December 6, 2022

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“Freedom, liberty” and “Down with dictatorship”: EU-wide protests against vaccine passports

Mass protests erupted on Saturday against the corona actions of governments in several European countries. Most of the protests took place in France – riots were inevitable.

In France, tens of thousands of opponents are being re-tightened on Saturday Corona rules Went to the streets. According to the Interior Ministry, about 161,000 people across the country, among others, protested against a health passport that provides information about a vaccine or a negative test. Mandatory vaccination For health workers. According to the Interior Ministry, 11,000 people took to the streets in the capital, Paris.

A man holds a cross on one side of a somewhat violent demonstration in Paris saying “vaccines kill your natural immunity”. (Source: Benoit Desire / Reuters)

In Paris, protesters chanted “Freedom, independence” and called for the removal of the president. Emmanuel Macron Whom they refer to as “tyrants”. Riots broke out near Champs-Elysees. Interior Minister Gerald Durman condemned the violence on Twitter. He said there were nine arrests in the capital.

Protests also took place in more than a hundred French cities, including Toulouse, Lyon, Strasbourg, Lily, Nice, Montpellier and Marseille.

In a July 13 study by broadcaster Alleppey, 76 percent of French people were in favor of compulsory vaccination. The expansion of the Health Pass was also approved by a majority.

President Macron announced drastic measures in mid-July. The government wants corona infections to increase drastically due to more infections Delta-variation Containing. The amendment is expected to be sealed by the Senate in expeditious practice by Sunday. On Saturday he discussed the changes.

In France, in Trocadero Square in Paris, more than 150,000 people protested against corona activities.  (Source: dpa / Rafael Yaghobzadeh)In France, in Trocadero Square in Paris, more than 150,000 people protested against corona activities. (Source: Raphael Yakopsade / DBA)

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At the request of the government, all health and care workers, firefighters and other rescue workers must be vaccinated by September 15. Otherwise there is a risk of trade ban.

As the health passport expands, corona testing duty will be applicable for the first time from August to persons who are not immune to French restaurants and long-distance trains. Vaccination, survival infection or negative corona testing in cinemas, museums or theaters must be demonstrated by Wednesday.

“Down with dictatorship” shouts in Italy

Thousands of Italians protested across the country against the government’s new corona measures in Rome on Saturday. Protesters chanted “freedom” and “down with dictatorship”, waved Italian flags and the majority did not wear masks. Demonstrations took place in Rome, Naples, Turin and Milan. In Genoa, protesters wore yellow Jewish stars that read “Unopened.”

In Italy, citizens protest in Rome against a green passport containing vaccine data.  (Source: dpa / Riccardo De Luca)In Italy, citizens protest in Rome against a green passport containing vaccine data. (Source: Ricardo de Luca / DPA)

On August 6, Italy introduces a mandatory health pass to access closed spaces such as bars and restaurants, but also offers swimming pools, sports halls, museums, cinemas and theaters and entertainment arcades. Operators who fail to carry out operations face severe penalties.

This document, called the “Green Passport”, is issued to people who have been vaccinated for the first time, but also to those who have received the first dose of the vaccine. Govit-19 Recovered or tested negative in the previous 48 hours. Since the move was announced on Thursday, bookings for vaccination appointments in some smaller regions have increased by 200 percent, officials said.

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Police use tear gas in Athens

In Greece, too, protests against the government’s vaccination campaign are leading to violent clashes. In the capital, Athens, police used tear gas and water cannon against protesters after Molotov cocktails were thrown from their ranks for emergency services. Demonstrations are directed against certain professional groups against compulsory vaccination, for example in the health sector.

Petrol bombs were hurled at police officers in Athens.  (Source: Reuters / Costas Baltas)Petrol bombs were hurled at police officers in Athens. (Source: Costas Baltas / Reuters)

Struggles against corona policy in Brazil

Thousands of Brazilians are once again opposed to the corona policy of the presidential government Jair Bolzano Went to the streets. The news portal “G1” reported that protests across the country on Saturday demanded criminal action against the right-wing head of state, more vaccinations against the corona virus and economic assistance in infections. Protests erupted in at least 13 provincial capitals, including Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Salvador.

Trade unions and left-wing groups have called for protests. Banners read: “Bolsanaro – corruption genocide. Now charged” and “We need vaccines, he bribes. Stay away from Bolsanaro”.

The government of President Bolsanaro has from the outset reduced the epidemic, preventing serious consequences and citing economic consequences. Most recently, Paulsonaro also questioned the point of vaccinations. A parliamentary commission of inquiry is now examining Bolzano’s crisis management in epidemics.