December 10, 2022

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Friend of KP Pettito: Police admit embarrassing mistakes

Florida investigators have admitted a mistake in the KP Pettito case. One day in September, Pettito’s boyfriend was misunderstood as his mother, said Josh Taylor, a spokesman for the North Port Police Station, a local television station.

Pettito, 22, was reported missing on Sept. 11. Police later searched the boyfriend’s parents’ home in Florida, where the two lived. Shortly afterwards, Pettito’s friend also disappeared.

Police spokesman: “I think it was his mother who wore the baseball cap.”

“I think it was his mother who wore the baseball cap,” police spokesman Taylor said now. The two were in the same position. When the person wearing the baseball cap got out of the car, they thought it was Pettito’s friend. “No case is perfect,” Taylor said.

That summer Petito traveled to the United States with her boyfriend and never returned. After an intensive search, Petito’s body was finally found in Wyoming in September. The couple went there as part of an American road trip. According to the coroner, the young woman was strangled.

KP Pettito case: Body parts of her boyfriend found in Florida

Last week, her boyfriend’s body parts were finally found at a wildlife sanctuary in Florida. In this case, he was considered the person to be tried.

There have been conflicting reports recently when Petito’s boyfriend’s parents complained that their son was missing. Police initially said the parents had informed police just days after the 23-year-old went missing. The family attorney said he contacted police a few days ago on behalf of the family.

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The case has received international and international attention. The couple shared many pictures and videos of their trip on social networks. (dpa / mp)