February 1, 2023

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Fuel shafts damaged: China acknowledges nuclear reactor problems

Damaged fuel shafts
China acknowledges nuclear reactor issues

When foreign media reported a leak at a Chinese nuclear power plant, Beijing vehemently denied it. The responsible nuclear oversight authority now acknowledges the problems – while at the same time clarifying everything.

China’s nuclear regulators have denied a leak at the Taizhan nuclear power plant in southern China, but acknowledged problems with the fuel lines. The Atomic Energy Agency estimates that five of the 60,000 fuel lines in Weibo were damaged. As a result, there is an increased level of radioactivity in furnace 1, but this is within the allowable limits. “The operational safety of the nuclear power plant has been ensured,” it said.

Since everything happens inside the safety shell of the nuclear reactor, it has nothing to do with a leak. Measurements outside the nuclear power plant have shown that all values ​​are normal. CNN, an American news broadcaster, reported that it allowed nuclear regulators to increase the limit value, which a person called “not true.”

Two pressurized water reactors, built with French assistance and redesigned, were launched in 2018 and 2019. The French nuclear company Fromatome is involved. Najmedin Mashkati, a professor of nuclear safety at the University of Southern California in the United States, told the New York Times that it was not uncommon for new fuel rods to be damaged in a nuclear reactor. However, very rarely, radioactive gases have accumulated in the water around fuel lines, making it necessary to check how safe they are. However, there is probably no serious threat.

The Framadom Thai EDF reported that they had been notified of the increased noble gas concentration in the primary perimeter of one of the reactors. It is well known and planned that all of the noble gases are present. The increase indicates a possible decline in fuel casing. The amount is below the limit values. Fromadom also reported that the reactor was currently operating in compliance with applicable safety parameters. CNN previously reported that the U.S. government had taken the lead from Fromato on a possible leak and an “imminent radiation threat.” However, the government believes a “crisis” has not yet been reached.

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