August 16, 2022

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G7 and NATO Summits: Summit before the Summit

Status: 06/28/2022 09:01 am

The G7 summit concludes today in Elmau. Chancellor Scholes is expected to release the final report later in the afternoon. Many participants travel directly to the NATO summit in Madrid.

The G7 summit in Elmaw, Bavaria, is coming to an end – the war against Ukraine and the global consequences will shape the plan on the third day. Considering the G20 Summit of the Biggest Industrial and Emerging Countries in Indonesia in November, the last working session on the “Diversified and Digital Array”.

The Russian attack on Ukraine has dominated the G7 meeting since Sunday. A group of large industrialized nations on Monday pledged unlimited support to Ukraine and announced it would tighten its sanctions against Russia.

President Olaf Scholes’ final announcement and press conference are expected from this afternoon. Participants in other summits will also comment on the outcome of the summit.

NATO summit in Madrid from Wednesday

The war in Ukraine will be a central theme at the NATO summit in Madrid starting on Wednesday, where the heads of state and government of the 30 NATO countries will meet until Thursday. Scholes, US President Joe Biden and other heads of government travel there directly from Elma.

During the discussions in Spain, pressure on Russia must be increased and a new strategic concept decided. The inclusion of Sweden and Finland in the military alliance should also be discussed. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has expressed confidence that this will succeed despite Turkey’s objections. Sanchez said otherwise negotiations would continue.

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Unity from the NATO summit, but the news of the blockade must come out. “We have to send a blocking message; we are ready to defend every inch of the friendly territory,” Sanchez said.

New sanctions against Russia

On the second day of the G7 summit in Bavaria yesterday, the topics of climate, energy and health and war in Ukraine were on the agenda.

The round acknowledged further financial, military, humanitarian and diplomatic support for Ukraine. They also announced new sanctions against Russia, including its defense ministry. “We will continue to provide financial, humanitarian, military and diplomatic support and will continue to support Ukraine as needed,” they said in a joint statement.

This year, the G7 pledged financial assistance of up to US $ 29.5 billion (approximately 28 28 billion). The paper said the aim was to close the country’s financial gap and support the guarantee of public welfare services to the people. It is not clear whether this is a grant or a loan.

Ukrainian President Selensky joined Elma via video. Kiev emphasized the need to focus on price controls on Russian oil exports, and welcomed the planned tightening of sanctions. However, Zelenskyi put forward other specific demands: the provision of genuine security guarantees for his country, the provision of modern missile defense systems and other weapons, and assistance in reconstruction.

Famine is a big problem

In an interview, Sholes said the G7 countries were making serious efforts to enable grain exports from Ukraine in view of the coming famine. This problem is of great concern to the G7 and they want to help. Money should also be used to ensure that hunger crises are avoided.

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Ukraine and Russia are the world’s largest wheat exporters. They typically account for about a third of global demand – but Russia is currently blocking Ukrainian ports, unable to export much grain. According to the World Food Program, 50 million people worldwide are on the brink of starvation.

Climate protection agreements

The G7 round also acknowledged joint efforts with the host countries for climate protection. “The aim is to ensure energy security and accelerate clean and fair transition to climate change,” said a joint statement issued by the federal government.

According to the dpa news agency, members will make it clear in their final announcement at the summit that they will consider the so-called Paris Agreement as a guide to their actions. In December 2015, the nations of the world agreed to make efforts to control global warming to 1.5 degrees if possible.