September 26, 2022

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G7: Summit Ticker – Biden arrives in Upper Bavaria

8:24 pm – Police are investigating a suspicious package

Zugspitzstraße was closed after a suspicious package was found on Bundesstraße 23 in the Karmish-Bartenkirsen. Traffic will be diverted. According to a police spokesman, special forces from the Bavarian state criminal police office were called in to inspect the package. The BR reporter affected by the closure reports chaotic traffic conditions. Motorists tried to go on dirt roads.

8:10 pm – Relax at Carmish-Bartenkirssen the day before the summit

Saturday was very quiet in the center of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. A few locals and tourists were seated in cafes and ice cream parlors in the pedestrian zone, with most shops already closed in the afternoon. Police presence was high – in the historic center and on the outskirts of the city. Parks where police vehicles were parked were sometimes guarded by several police officers.

Officers from the Bavarian Police “Communications Team” also patrolled the pedestrian zone to answer questions. Many took advantage of the offer as the local bus association suspended bus services from Saturday (June 25) to Sunday (June 26) due to the G7 summit. A demonstration against the summit is scheduled for Sunday in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

7:50 pm – Political expert believes in signal for unity

The G7 summit in Elma is expected to send a “strong signal of Western solidarity with Ukraine, based on their approach to Russia.” The G7 format worked very well from the beginning of the war, Puglierin said with a BR plugin. He also believes the G7 does not “present itself as a separate club” but manages to “expand the alliance” in dialogue with invited countries from Africa and Asia.

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7:32 pm – President Herman welcomes US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen

Florian Herman (CSU), President of the Bavarian State Chancellor, welcomed US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen at Munich Airport. Herman tweeted several pictures and described the meeting as an “honor”. He added: “We warmly welcome you to the G7 Summit in Bavaria. The United States and Bavaria are close friends. We support the Atlantic Partnership.”

7:03 pm – Police buses bring 50 G7 enemies near the fort.

With police cars, 50 G7 protesters are to be brought to the demonstration on Monday as part of a star parade near Elmao Fort. The order was issued by the District Collector on Saturday. Participants continue to be driven in police buses from the Glass train station near the fort. Activists have criticized this because, in their opinion, it does not apply to the right to assemble.

6:55 pm – US government praises Germany ahead of G7 summit

Before the start of the G7 summit, the US government underlined the importance of close cooperation with Germany. “Germany is a strong NATO ally,” John Kirby, communications director for the National Security Council at the White House, told reporters on a flight to Munich.

6.50 pm – Class: A small town dedicated to the G7 summit

The Glyce G7 summit is a small town of about 200 inhabitants between Karmish-Bartenkirzen and Mittenwald. From here there is only one road to the convention site Schloss Elmau. Hundreds of police officers guard the road and control all access roads. Sandra Steinhauser, mayor of Glasgow and a member of the Crohn’s Municipal Council, looks at the summit with mixed feelings. “Many people are already wondering why this should happen here again after 2015,” Steinhauser said. In principle, however, the summit is very important in their view, and “they must meet somewhere.” But many in the city will wonder why there should be so many cops. “What the whole emergency service does with just the fuel, of course you wonder, especially this time.” Overall, he hopes it will be as peaceful as the first summit. Many families left class on the weekends, thanks to distance learning for school children. Most of the residents who stayed in the village quietly followed the events of the summit and the police action.

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6.30pm – 7pm on PR24 Extra: The day before the summit

The Verdunfelscher land awaits the leaders and governments of the G7 nations. How are the arrangements going, what are the expectations and fears of the citizens for the summit, and how did the first protests against the summit go?

That BR24 extra from 7pm Summarizes the most important events of the day before the start of the G7 Summit in Schloss Elmau. Live on BR24 here – the stream starts at the top of the article.

6:26 pm – Scholes arrives at Sloss Elma

President Olaf Scholes (SPD) arrived in the evening in Schloss Elma in the Karmish-Bartenkirsen district, where he will host the G7 summit for the next three days. The Chancellor flew to Munich on a government plane and then flew to Elma by helicopter.

5.30pm – Scientists demand more money from the G7 system for climate protection

Before the start of the G7 summit, scientists asked participating states for more money for climate protection. Axel Berger, of the German Institute for Development and Sustainability at the Carmisch-Bartenkirssen, said that countries particularly affected by global warming needed more than the $ 100 billion pledged by industrialized nations.

5:19 pm – Soder’s welcome tweet has no scales

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Marcus Soder has welcomed G7 leaders and government leaders to Bavaria in advance – but no one was seen in the accompanying photo: President Olaf Scholes (SPD). “Grüß Gott in Bavaria!” That said in the photo. In the picture are US President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Italian Prime Minister Mario Troki, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida – six heads of state. Paradoxically, the host scols are not there. This was noticed by some Twitter users. “I only count to six,” one user wrote. Others noted that the president of all the people was missing. “He’s not a guest,” another objected. The summit is hosted by Germany.

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