February 1, 2023

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Gabby Petito: Was Brian Laundry’s body eaten by crocodiles? – News abroad

One of the most spectacular murder cases in recent years is slowly becoming more and more light in the dark. Brian Laundry († 23) is said to have killed her ex-husband Coffee Petito († 22).

The remains of the man allegedly murdered were found in the United States on Wednesday. A day later, FBI spokesman Brian Laundry confirmed that his body could only be identified with the help of a dental comparison.

The “New York Post“It now reveals horrific details about Laundry’s body: thus, wild animals may have attacked the remains and bitten the bone.

At an FBI news conference, people demanded justice for KP PetitoPhoto: Chris Omira / AB

John Whitman lives not far from the national park, where the deceased was found with his backpack and laptop. The resident told the U.S. tabloid: “There are crocodiles, but worst of all are the wild boar. These are all evil beasts that eat.”

However, there were remains near the bridge around a canal. For a long time it carried away a lot of water and flooded the area. It speaks for crocodiles.

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In addition to poisoning, coyotes also live in the area. In an interview with BILD, the famous German criminologist Dr. Mark Beneck, There are even species of birds that “eat carcasses within a few hours,” and then only the bones remain.

Nothing is yet known about the cause of death of Brian Laundry. The 23-year-old traveled across the United States with his fianc மனைவிe KP Petito in the summer. However, the American returned alone.

Brian Laundry went missing after his 22-year-old parents reported their daughter missing. During the surveillance, the police admitted serious wrongdoing. A week after he disappeared, Coffee Petito’s body was finally found. An autopsy revealed that the young woman had been strangled.

A week-long hunt for Brian Laundry did not pay off – until Wednesday. Police and FBI experts found human remains in Florida National Park.

Violence is said to have occurred in the relationship between the two dead.

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