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Gender Equality at Work Place

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Women are raising their voices, advocating for equal pay as their male counterparts. Many may say, it’s a man’s world, but the truth is, if a woman works the same hours as a man, she should be compensated equally. The amount of mental or physical labor put into a job, notwithstanding the gender equality, hence equal pay for everyone.

The world has always looked up the capitalist system of America, how it created opportunities and allocated budget and fund to areas that will boost their economy. However, well into the 21st century, their attitude to fairness and equality in workplaces are scrutinized by the world, as women still face challenges while trying to fit into workplaces as compared to their men.

As aspirations keep getting higher, the man and the woman now work to balance the home and keep pay their bills. Even as more women are now occupying top positions in the business world, there is still the fear that women are still not represented properly to be able to bring the kind of changes they want to see, especially in terms of an equal pay check.

Who is speaking up?

The news is abuzz with Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lending a voice to the voiceless. It is nice that a woman in power is voicing the grievance of millions of women and trying to cut through the world where only the elites and big guns make the rules, changes and apply them too.

The economy of the world depends on both men and women to get the boost it needs. Any country that wants to attain a balance and create a peaceful society has to give the woman their rights and create amicable working spaces. The hands that rock the cradle deserve a chance, and it will start by paying them their wages for the time and effort put in their jobs.

For everyone, that comes up to speak about our rights or gender equality in the workspace, you should lend your voice too. Together we can make it work, now that the political scene is changing all over the world.

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