February 1, 2023

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German naval chief: “Putin is respected” – domestic politics

Russia’s ruler Vladimir Putin, 69, has threatened Ukraine and is deploying troops across the border. NATO President Jens Stoltenberg sees the “real danger” of war, and defense expert Wolfgang Ishinger (75) speaks of a real threat.

And captain of the German navy? Vice Admiral K-Achim Shanbak (56) reduces Russian saber-rattling at an event in Delhi (India) – Putin needs respect!

As he spoke for the Russian ruler, there were dire consequences: Schonbach had to report to a top German soldier: Inspector General of the German Armed Forces, Eberhard Sorn (61).

பாதுகாப்பு Defense Ministry spokesman for BILD on Saturday: “The statements do not in any way fit the position of the Federal Ministry of Defense in terms of content and choice of words.”

Shocking reports in Delhi

In a two-minute video released on Twitter, the naval inspector said, “Crimea is gone, will not come back.” A shocking statement – because: Crimea was annexed by Russia in 2014 in violation of international law. Politicians around the world do not recognize the peninsula as Russian – but as Ukrainian.

It is dramatic for the German naval chief to underestimate this approach. It sounds like a cardboard plan to Putin – and a classic peace (appointment policy).

But reports go further: that Russia wants to annex parts of Ukraine is “nonsense”. “Probably” the Kremlin regime wants to put some pressure on Putin because he knows he can do it. This could split the EU. According to Schönbach, Putin really wants “respect at eye level.”

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The captain of the navy continued: “My God – it costs almost nothing, nothing costs to pay homage to someone”. If you ask him, “But I was not asked,” his answer is: “It’s easy for him (Putin) Give him the respect he wants – yes, maybe even merit. “

He then put pressure on Navy chief Putin on a silver platter: “We – India and Germany – need Russia against China.” That’s why his calculation: pay respect to Putin, get protection. Because: “This is an easy and simple job. That probably puts Russia out of China.

The naval chief then further positioned himself against the current position of the central government: the current sanctions against Russia had gone “in the wrong direction” and it had to cooperate with Russia because it was a Christian country.

US sends military aid to Ukraine

Amid heightened tensions, the United States has sent new military aid to Ukraine. On Saturday night, a US cargo plane landed at an airport in the capital, Kiev, the US embassy there announced on its SMS service Twitter. The ship was carrying 90 tons of cargo, including ammunition for “front line protection”. This support was ordered by US President Joe Biden (79).

The embassy has released footage of the plane landing. This is the first of many births, it said. It “demonstrates the United States’ strong commitment to the sovereign right to defend Ukraine.”

The first U.S. ship for military assistance arrived in Ukraine on Saturday nightPhoto: Twitter / USEmbassiKyiv

Russia has repeatedly called on Ukraine not to continue to build weapons, as it would provoke military tensions and encourage the country to attack Donbass in the east of the former Soviet republic in order to retake parts of Luhansk and Donetsk. . Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his US counterpart Antony Blinken met in Geneva only on Friday for crisis talks.

Crimea, January 18: Russian tanks roll over on the highway

Crimea, January 18: Russian tanks roll over on the highwayPhoto: AZ / AP

Most recently, the Kremlin strongly criticized the supply of mild anti-tank weapons from Great Britain to Ukraine. The Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania now also want to send US-made anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Union Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (56, SPD) has stuck to the German “no”. He told Welt Zondak that there was “a consensus within the federal government” that the arms supply was “currently ineffective” in light of the growing situation. The central government must do everything to alleviate the crisis. At the same time, Lambrecht announced the provision of a complete field hospital for Ukraine.