December 10, 2022

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German police chief warns immigrants – “Do not fly to Belarus, you are hostages there” – Politics Abroad

In the words of Police President Roman on the Iraqi Kurdish television station Rudaw:

“Dear Iraqi and Kurdish friends,

Did not fly to Belarus, did not fly to Belarus. You are held hostage there and treated like cattle there.

The Polish border is closed and it will be closed. Belarus will not let you go home and you will not have to go back.

At minus temperatures you descend into the swampy, ancient jungles of Belarus – it gets colder. Many of your countrymen have already died there, including childbirth, because government smugglers do not allow you into hospitals.

Do not fall for the false promises, the promises of the kidnappers, the promises of the travel agents. Do not sell your house, do not sell your farm. False promises: If you are in Belarus, you will be in Germany in two days. You have been promised houses, cars and money. All this is a lie! Only kidnappers and dictators make your money.

Do not leave your family, do not leave your home. We need you for your glorious home. After many years of struggle, it is the duty of patriotism to give your country a future again. To your families who have already sacrificed so much. Even the issue of honor.

Your country needs you – alive. thank you very much.”

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