February 1, 2023

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German shot on the way to Kabul airport

Conditions around Kabul airport have been chaotic for days And very dangerous. There are always fire exchanges. Now met a German on the way out.

Arrived on the way to a German airport Accept In Afghanistan Injured in the shooting. Deputy Government Spokesman Ulrik Demmer said in Berlin on Friday. “He is receiving medical care, but there is no danger to his life,” Demmer said. “And he will be expelled soon.” It is a citizen.

Radical Islamists have been ruling around the airport since coming to power Taliban Confused states. The situation is very dangerous. The frustration of people who want to go on departure flights is increasing by the hour. An eyewitness told a German newspaper on Friday. Thus, hundreds of people are still at the entrance to the public area located in a large roundabout, trying to get to the place and then leaving the country using Western planes. Taliban militants fired into the air and whipped people to disperse them.

Helicopter to rescue individuals from “dangerous situations”

Two helicopters will soon support the German evacuation campaign. A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Defense in Berlin said the helicopters had already been loaded to take them to Afghanistan. They should be used there soon.

Among other things, rescuing individuals from “dangerous situations” or picking them up from distant places is conceivable, the spokesman said. Overall, helicopters need to make sure of that Armed Forces Get an “extended action” on the site.

German emissions depend on the safety of American soldiers

The time pressure is mounting as the United States really wants to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by August 31. However, the withdrawal of other armed forces, such as the German Armed Forces, currently depends on the security provided by the 5,200 U.S. troops. President of the United States Joe Biden There is no denying the presence of troops in Kabul to expel American citizens after August 31 – it is not certain. How the Taliban will behave is also uncertain.

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In a letter to people waiting for the flight, the German embassy said on Friday: “The situation at Kabul airport is very chaotic. Dangerous situations and armed clashes are occurring at the gate again. Access to the airport is now possible. However, in the short term, the gates may be closed because many They are trying to enter the site with their family. Unfortunately, we can not predict when the doors will open. “

Kabul Airport has a civilian and military area. It is best to run in the military area of ​​the airport, as it is controlled by the Taliban and prevents access to the civilian airport. The American television channel CNN showed pictures of American soldiers shooting in the air to block the crowd from the outside walls.