January 30, 2023

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Germany is no longer our main ally, but Poland is

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A US Air Force Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor fighter jet conducts a NATO air force exercise with two Polish Air Force F-16 fighter jets near Lask. © Sgt Danielle Sukhlall/dpa

After Great Britain, Germany has always been America’s most important ally in Europe. Apparently that has changed.

WASHINGTON – Germany is calculating England Apparently no longer considered top ally America. A general of the US Army in Europe said: Politics. “Endless debates about the restructuring of the Bundeswehr and its lack of strategic culture” reduced Germany’s usefulness as an ally. However, the federal republic remains an important logistical hub for the US military. In response, the US general said Poland has “grown to be our most important partner in continental Europe”.

Politically, the two governments are not very close. But: Washington and Warsaw have worked closely together on military support for Ukraine. The city of Rzeszów in southeastern Poland has become not only a contact point for Ukrainian refugees, but also a very important hub for US weapons en route to the war zone. The Ukraine Very important Himars type rocket launcher For example, the US military flies through an airport in a city of 200,000.

War in Ukraine: Poland offers €1.8 billion worth of war equipment

Poland is not just a center. Neighboring Germany is one of the biggest arms suppliers in the fight against Ukraine Russia. According to the Kiel Institute for Economic Research, Poland sent 1.8 billion euros worth of war equipment to Ukraine by October — third behind Great Britain and the United States and fourth behind Germany. In early April, Poland surrendered to its neighbor Ukraine conflictT200 Soviet T-72 tanks. Under the impression of a Russian attack, Poland has embarked on an unprecedented rearmament program for its military, from which the United States is also benefiting.

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Warsaw, for example, ordered 250 Abrams main battle tanks worth nearly five billion euros to replace Soviet tanks. Poland also purchased 180 main battle tanks and 200 self-propelled howitzers from South Korea. Overall, Warsaw wants to increase arms spending from 2.4 percent of annual economic output to 5 percent. NATO Two percent per country per year is for arms spending. Defense Minister Mariusz Pulaszak’s stated goal is to make Poland “the most powerful land force in Europe.”

“No Western country wants its military so fast and so fast Improve like Poland“, is quoted Politics Special Correspondent Marius Seelma. “Anyone who places Polish arms orders will benefit from them for decades because maintenance and repair of the equipment is also involved,” says Seelma. (John Went)