January 31, 2023

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Get an Xbox Series S for under $200 with this Cyber ​​Monday deal

Get an Xbox Series S for under $200 with this Cyber ​​Monday deal

The Cyber ​​Monday deals have kicked in, and with them the best deal we’ve seen yet on an Xbox Series S console. The Xbox Series S dropped to as low as $239.99 on Black Friday and we thought this was the best deal we’d get. We were wrong. Right now, Amazon is still offering the Xbox Series S Holiday Console for $239.99. However, if you enter the coupon code “X-BoxWhile paying (it may apply automatically when you click the link below), you’ll also get a free $40 Amazon credit. Amazon credit is basically as good as cash, meaning you’re actually paying $199.99 for this current-gen console.

Xbox Series S for $239.99 + $40 Amazon credit

Use the code: XBOX

Xbox Series S Holiday Console + $40 Amazon Bonus attributed to him

Use promo code “XBOX”

20% off $299.99

The Xbox Series S is usually $200 less expensive than the Xbox Series X, but it can still play all the same games. It doesn’t have the power of the Series X, so games are rendered at 1440p instead of 4K in order to maintain consistent graphics 60fps – the 120fps you’ll find in most games. If you don’t have a 4K TV or feel like $200 is better spent elsewhere (or in this case, $300), the Xbox Series S might be a smarter buy.

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