February 1, 2023

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Gibraltar: More than 600 cases despite 100 percent vaccination quota – how does it work?

Updated July 26, 2021, at 4:42 p.m.

  • Vaccine opponents are currently reassuring themselves when they see Gibraltar.
  • To the British surprise, the seven-day incidence is more than 600 – even though the vaccination rate is said to be 100 percent.
  • But the numbers do not mean that the vaccine did not work.

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Claimed months ago Gibraltar, One Impfquote To reach 100 percent. On April 8, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo declared Gibraltar “without a Govt.”: At the time, there were no serious cases for the first time among the approximately 34,000 locals in British Ecla.

But now there are 623 seven-day incidents (as of July 23) – so they are systematically significantly higher than in Great Britain, Spain or the Netherlands, for example, they have been reported as the most eventful part. What is happening in Gibraltar?

The vaccination rate is mathematically only 100 percent

Research “Sdeddeutsche Zeitung“According to the 100 per cent vaccination quota, the important point is that, according to officials, a good 78,400 vaccines were administered in Gibraltar – primarily from Biotech, with two doses of the vaccine per person, not just native people. Spain Vaccinated.

There are still gaps in vaccine protection among Gibraltarians: last Sunday, 18 new infections were reported – ten of which were fully vaccinated, but the remaining eight were not vaccinated at all, including one over 100 years of age.

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Most of the current cases are due to delta variability

There are currently 281 active cases (254 locals and 27 visitors) on the peninsula, all of which are associated with delta variation. 9 of them are being treated at the hospital and one is in the intensive care unit.

Although the vaccination rate in Gibraltar is not 100 percent, it is still very high – and the number of severe cases is correspondingly low. In addition, this phenomenon seems relatively high as the population is low at about 34,000. If you put this in terms of population, it is about 200. (Node)

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