January 28, 2023

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Global comparison: Germany vaccine ignites turbo

D.He came with a resurrection delay. By the end of Easter Tuesday, the number of vaccinated cans in Germany had suddenly exceeded half a million – more than twice a week earlier.

So it went on: From Monday to Friday, there were 2.6 million vaccines in Germany – more than 70 percent compared to the previous week. The global failure of the vaccine is a thing of the past when Germany now looks at European and global statistics.

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Earlier this week, the number of people vaccinated daily was again less than 400,000. However, the numbers are usually lower on Mondays; In addition, general practitioners seem to be waiting for the vaccine: at the beginning of the week About one million biotech cans are provided for procedures. So this number is likely to rise again during the week. Germany is accelerating – compared to other countries, this acceleration is surprisingly good even in international comparison.

The main reason for this is that family doctors have been vaccinating since last week; There are now 45,000 procedures in Germany. Other countries, such as Poland or France, took this step much earlier.

However, even before that, Germany had not been vaccinated relatively slowly internationally because it was largely felt in this country. Germany lags far behind global vaccination champions Great Britain, the United States and Israel. In essence, however, this is due to the fact that these countries have already ordered significantly more vaccines.

Source: WORLD Chart

As with the other major countries in the world, the Federal Republic has been running relatively well since the vaccine campaign began. After last week’s leap, Germany is the fourth most populous country in the world.

Lying in the first two places England And the United States, in theory, gave twice as many vaccines per 100 citizens than Germany. These two countries, after all, performed better than the EU when ordering vaccines from Western manufacturers.

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In third place is Turkey, slightly ahead of Germany. It presented a very high vaccination rate, especially using Chinese vaccines – its low efficacy compared to vaccines vaccinated in Germany is now acknowledged even in Beijing. Recently, however, Turkey’s pace has no longer been comparable to that of Germany, so the Federal Republic should soon overtake the country.

Now, out of the 30 largest countries in the world, there are very differently developed countries – and Germany’s demands are unlikely to be better than those of developing countries in Asia and Africa. But even within the OECT, a group of 37 democratically industrialized countries, Germany performs very well: Germany is currently ranked 14th in the list.

Source: WORLD Chart

Overall, only five countries are significantly more vaccinated than the Federal Republic: Israel, Great Britain, the United States, Hungary and Chile. Because the gaps from the sixth place are very small. Looking at last week’s vaccination rate, Germany is now ranked sixth among OECD countries – to catch up quickly if last week’s trend continues.

Source: WORLD Chart

Globally, the question of how much vaccine a country has ordered and has already received in the meantime plays a decisive role. In the EU, however, their vaccine is collectively mandated, and this factor is almost the same for all countries – comparing which country manages the vaccine available at a given time faster.

Here again the picture is similar: Germany has been stuck in recent weeks and is now in ninth place. But only the dwarf states of Malta and Hungary, which bought the Russian and Chinese vaccines, are ahead of the federal republic.

Source: WORLD Chart

However, in terms of vaccine speed last week, Germany ranks third among all EU countries behind Malta and Hungary so that the Federal Republic can catch up quickly.

Hope for Rapid Advancement in Vaccine Not only are family physicians now being vaccinated, but vaccine stocks are being replaced. Germany has been practicing successfully for a long time in other European countries since the beginning of April: Keep as many vaccines in stock as possible.

Source: WORLD Chart

In February and March, the federal health ministry recommended that federal states significantly postpone vaccination. In the event of maternal failure, there should be an adequate stock of second vaccines. That’s why countries are putting down more stocks: 20 to 25 percent and 50 percent of biotech vaccines issued Moderna vaccine All were kept in the refrigerator. It recorded 4.7 million vaccine doses earlier this month. A strategy that has already been misrecognized in other European countries.

Denmark did not block the cans

“We only withheld the second dose for the second dose in the first three weeks. Since then, we only have the dates for the second vaccination next week until the next delivery,” said Mary Jesse, Estonian Deputy Secretary of State for Social Affairs. Estonia’s vaccination rate has been consistently higher since mid – February. The lead now stands at four percentage points.The country’s vaccine backlog is just 17 percent.

Even in Denmark, no vaccine doses have been stopped. “Everything we receive is vaccinated within two to three days,” says Stein Tolstoy Jespersen, who is in charge of vaccine supplies at the Danish Ministry of Health. They only withhold a small, total amount from the moderna vaccine. Otherwise one has to rely on the manufacturer’s distribution promises. However, if a delivery is delayed, appointments must be canceled.

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But: “This is a vaccine, we are ready to vaccinate as soon as possible,” Jespersen told Weld. This option is effective in taking risks. Only eleven percent of the vaccine doses issued are dumped in Denmark. The vaccination rate was higher than in Germany in early April.

So far, the proportion of unmeasured quantities averages 25 percent. In the first week of April, the value fell to 18.5 percent. It is probably due to the use of family physicians. But now the revised recommendation of the Ministry of Health should also avoid postponing the vaccination dose “as much as possible”. This is the result of the WELT’s inquiry into all 16 federal states.

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Lower Saxony, Thuringia, Hamburg and Bremen will therefore not withhold any vaccines. The saved quantities were strictly based on the number of appointments for the second vaccine, as announced by the respective Ministries of Health. Shares in North Rhine-Westphalia Astrogenogen And as Moderna is “used”, preparations for the biotech vaccine are currently being “greatly” reduced.

Baden-Wர்டrttemberg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Moderna hold only 20 to 25 percent of the vaccine, with the remaining shares based on the term. Saxony, Shelswick-Holstein, Rhineland-Baltinate and Saxony-Unholt are the only ones that have not yet implemented the Ministry of Health’s recommendation and continue to stock high vaccine doses.

According to the Ministry of Health there, Bavaria keeps 14,000 cans in the Biotech refrigerator for a second meeting and to “compensate for potential supply failures”. Berlin, Brandenburg and Hess could not be reached on request.

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