January 29, 2023

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Google's new old-fashioned font brings back serif for more comfortable reading

Google’s new old-fashioned font brings back serif for more comfortable reading

Google has a new version of its Roboto font, and it’s bringing serif fonts back: proper name honest robotDesigned in collaboration with Greg Gasdwicks From commercial type To create a more readable serif companion for the Roboto Sans typeface.

The new font isn’t just the old Roboto characters with some thinner fonts, though: Instead, each character has been redrawn from scratch to create a font that “thinks of Roboto, but is a fresh, original design,” according to Google UX Director Rob Giampetro. new line It still uses the same vertical proportions as Roboto Sans, making it possible to mix serif and sans-serif versions into one design.

It’s also likely to help that old-fashioned serifs are back in style in a big way after years of simple Saint-Serve designs dominating, As noted before Fox. Serif fonts are also easier to read, thanks to more distinct character shapes, something that Google’s new font expands on by virtue of being a variable font that can automatically change and optimize character shapes for different sized screens.

Google uses files Roboto خط line in one form or another for more than a decade; It was first introduced alongside Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) as the company’s default font for the company’s mobile operating system. Roboto has seen a lot of variants over the years, although it has slowly but surely been replaced as the company’s bottom line by Product None (and its variants in Google Sans, also known as the “Pixel” font) across different products.

Right now, Roboto Serif is simply being added to Google Fonts as another option for the company’s Roboto family of open source fonts — but it’s entirely possible that Google will one day use the new, friendly font in its marketing as well.

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