GOP Congress Winner Denver Riggleman Tagged “Bigfoot erotic lover”

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With the US mid-term elections over and out, the claws are out, as politicians and opponent will use any measure necessary to debase their rivals. The viewers witnessed, as the winner representing the GOP held a victory in the district of Virginia in the concluded elections.

Since the resumption of Donald Trump in office, using vile words and direct attacks are forms of communication with caution and gross disregard for etiquette and moral thrown to the wind. So, when Denver Riggleman was accused as a Bigfoot erotic lover, it didn’t come as a surprise to viewers.

The Republican candidate accused is a retired air force intelligent officer and the owner of a brewery and obviously a lover of history; science and mystery clinched the seat against his loud mouth opponent. He was chosen at the party convention as the next suitable candidate to fly the Republican’s flag in the Virginia district after Tom Garret retired. People and especially his opponent think Denver Riggleman is unqualified for office with his fictitious love for Bigfoot.

In an interview on Monday, the co-author of the book titled Bigfoot Exterminators, Inc: the partially cautionary, mostly true tale of monster Hunt 2006, which is a guide for people that love the mysterious creature, love the wild and will like to look for it.  According to the candidate, he is not against Bigfoot and doesn’t have any special interest in the sexual specification of the creature.

While Riggleman’s Democratic opponent, Leslie Cockburn is busy posting pictures all over social media and calling him names and how he has no regards for women and a white supremacist. Leslie Cockburn is telling all that Americans are tired of weird people in the seat of power and that “this is not what we need on Capitol Hill.”

In his 6 minutes interview on the Liberty show on CRTV Kibbe, Denver Riggleman discussed the ongoing argument about the misconception between various Bigfoot believers with some saying it has psychic terror vibes to control victims, or impregnating captured victims, or that the mystical creature is a vegetarian. He said that the campaign for the mid-term was to encourage the citizens and residents of Virginia, whether you are a Bigfoot lover or not to come out and cast their votes for the sake of moving American forward. He even went further to say that he is not really a die-hard Bigfoot persona, but had to connect to them because they are a group of intelligent individuals that make up the society and his link to Bigfoot certainly did not deter voters from supporting him.

According to ABC news, Denver Riggleman clinched victory over his Democratic opponent by six percentage points with 19, 786 votes. When asked how he was going to perform once in office, the newly-elected congressman posted on Twitter that he will make Virginia proud and promised to make the 5th district and all the voter and supporters proud. We are waiting to see how it all boils down.

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