December 10, 2022

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Government crisis in Austria: President Kurs resigns

Status: 09.10.2021 8:29 pm

The corruption investigation against Austrian President Kurs and his loyalists has recently caused a government crisis. Now the ÖVP politician has announced his resignation – and proposed a successor.

Austrian President Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) resigns from his trial. According to his proposal, the current Foreign Minister Alexander Shalenberg (ÖVP) should seize the chancellor, Kurz was invited in a press release in Vienna. He himself is the leader of the party and goes to the parliament as the chairman of the parliamentary committee.

“What is needed now are stable positions. So I want to break the deadlock, prevent confusion and allow stability to be ensured,” Kurz said. “My country is more important to me than my person.”

Kurz calls the allegations “wrong.”

Investigations into treason, bribery and corruption against Kurz became known only a few days after the raid on the Chancellor, which plunged the Conservative-Green government into crisis. According to the Office of the Economic and Corruption Attorney (WKSTA), it is suspected that Kurz and his colleagues bought positive media coverage with tax money.

Kurz, who initially wanted to be president, today again denied the allegations. “The allegations are false and I can clarify it,” he said. However, the Greens denied him official ability and asked the ÖVP to find a “sinless person” who could run this office.

Talks about future government

Even within Kurz’s own party, support has recently plummeted. Tyrolean Education and Cultural Councilor Pete Paul Frader initially distanced himself from the chair: Instead of standing behind the chair unconditionally, Paul Frader said, “it seems to me that it is more important, better and more appropriate to demand a full explanation.” “Press”.

Talks on the future leadership of the country have been going on for days between the ÖVP and the parliamentary committees. According to the Austrian news agency ABA, Greens no longer rejects cooperation with the right-wing populist FPÖ in order to form an alliance without ensVP.