December 5, 2022

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Government panic with delta variation – Malle holiday in danger! – Politics abroad

Is the dream of hundreds of thousands of Germans of a carefree Mallorca vacation threatening to explode?

According to Bild, CDU Vice and Baden-W்டrttemberg Interior Minister Thomas Stroeple, 61, complained at the party presidium yesterday: In terms of infection, Ballerman is crazy. “

Is that so? Mallorca’s seven-day event recently rose to 94 corona cases per 100,000 population (Germany: 5.0). After all, it is the result of a mass epidemic of Spanish high school graduates.

But: Thanks to the vaccines there are no rigorous studies in Spain (total event over 100).

Nevertheless, with the spread of the Indian delta variant, the government could declare Mallorca as a virus variant area. What this means: German vacationers must leave in a hurry – or be in isolation for 14 days when they return!

Chancellor boss Helz Bron, 48, prefers isolated vaccinators twice every 14 days when returning from a virus variation area.

Despite the delta the number of serious diseases is low

Reason for hard hitting subject: Delta variation.

Nevertheless, the question arises: what does the federal government really want to achieve in its corona course?

FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubiki (69) attacks the Bildt Union: “Since no one knows what the federal government’s real goal is in opposing the Corona, apparently every union politician in the meantime thinks he can demand restrictions on fundamental rights without justification.” So is Pandestock. Sub.

Kubiki did not allow the reference to the Delta variant: Delta “at least does not lead to an overload of the health system”. Great Britain shows it too.

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The truth is: the British have seen a sharp increase in the number of epidemics since the beginning of June. However, the number of serious illnesses and deaths is very low. Reason: High vaccination rate on the island!

But even in Germany, high-risk age groups are now completely vaccinated.

Two-thirds of those over the age of 80 are responsible for corona deaths, and the proportion of fully protected people is now 83.9 percent. Nine out of ten people over the age of 70 have already received the first vaccine.

In addition: In Mallorca, where German guests are urgently dependent, huge security precautions have been taken.

A spokesman for the German Travel Association (DRV) confirmed to Bildt: “Organizers, airlines, hotels and vacation areas have invested heavily in health and safety considerations to keep the risk of infection as low as possible.”

… But politicians here are looking the other way again

New summer, old mistakes!

Once again the grand alliance wants to come to the minds of holiday makers and minimize trips to Italy, Portugal and Spain. Like 2020.

But at the time, family visitors, mainly from the Balkans and Turkey, did not bring the corona virus to Germany. In the first half of August, more than 2,200 corona infections were recorded by returnees from Kosovo. But only about 220 of them traveled to Spain.

Bildt commented at the time: “Considering the return to the holidays, the federal government has only one task per week: to ensure that those returning from family visits from the Balkans, especially by car, are notified of the hazards and continue to be tested.”

In May 2021, Health Minister Jens Spoon (41, CDU) acknowledged in Palms: “At that time, foreign travel, mostly to visit relatives in Turkey and the Balkans, caused 50 percent of our new epidemics to occur in stages.” And promised: “We learned last summer.”

Not obvious: Again it is Italy, Portugal, Spain …