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Governor John Bel Edwards in Favor of Louisiana’s Heartbeat Bill

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Subsequent abortion ban bills have created havoc in the country. With the introduction of new heartbeat bill, Louisiana has become one of those states where women’s lives are considered to be at great risks. Governor John Bel Edwards has expressed his consent to sign the bill approved by the state’s lawmakers on Wednesday.

The bill sponsored by Democratic Sen. John Milkovich passed on May 6, is supposed to ban almost all sorts of abortions once the doctor detects a fetal heartbeat within six weeks of pregnancy.

John Bel Edwards’ will to pass the heartbeat bill comes in the wake of several abortion ban policies that have been taking place throughout the US. Many conservative states have taken similar measures, adding up to women’s tensions. It seems that the aim has largely been to strike down the historical Roe v. Wade, which recognizes women’s abortion as their constitutional right.

The opposition party leaders have continuously been criticizing the bill, saying that enacting such laws would possess a great threat to the lives of the women. Democratic Rep. Gary Carter claimed that the ban was a clear violation of right to privacy of women and needs reconsideration. He added that the lawmakers and the representatives voting in favor of the heartbeat bill have no right to “tell a woman what they can and cannot do with their body”.

Republican Rep. Valarie Hodges handled the heartbeat bill in the Louisiana House amid the growing voices against the bill. He said that the right to life is much more important than any other right. “When you can hear a baby’s heartbeat that is proof that a life is present,” Hodges added.  

Some of the voices favoring the ban have asked to include exceptions for victimized women.

Earlier, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Ohio were some of the countries that passed similar laws, prohibiting abortions. Lawmakers in Missouri have allowed an eight-week ban on abortion while Alabama State in the country has listed the worst policies in the abortion ban bill, taking away the right to abortion from even the victims of rape and incest.

Similarly, the punishment for performing abortions is different in all the states. As per Louisiana’s laws, the doctor performing the abortion would face imprisonment of up to two years with cancellation of his/her medical license.

Though none of the bans have come into effect until now, there is a huge possibility that these laws are liable to face strict legal challenges. The fate of Louisiana’s abortion ban lies solely on the success of Mississippi’s law as the Federal Judge temporarily blocked those laws on Friday.

Amid the wave of criticism, John Bel Edwards thanked the legislators, who voted in favor of heartbeat bill. He said that he respected the views of the opposition leaders but legislation of the bill would make the state a better place for its residents, caring for even the least and providing opportunity for all.

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