December 10, 2022

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Great Britain: “A certain joy develops”

S.The fuel crisis in the southeastern UK has been going on for almost two weeks. Does anyone know where petrol is available in West London this morning? Otherwise I will not come to work, ”a frustrated car driver exchanged through local networks.

Meanwhile, pork farmers protest in front of the Midland Hotel in Manchester, where Boris Johnson’s conservatives are holding their party convention. As thousands of butcher shops go missing, 120,000 animals face emergency slaughter. Large supermarkets warn that Christmas regular holidays alone cannot be missed as supply chains are collapsing due to labor shortages.

The BBC presenter asks the Prime Minister on Tuesday morning that we are in crisis. “No,” comes Johnson’s immediate response. “On the contrary. It is the expected tremendous awareness of the UK and world economies that is now pushing the supply chains.”

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Price explosion in Great Britain

And, no, Johnson is not going to re-open the floodgates for “cheap labor” from Eastern Europe. It will forever end the “failed model of low pay, poorly trained workers and low productivity.”

With the Brexit referendum in 2016 and his election as prime minister in 2019, Johnson firmly believes that “the people voted to end this broken model.” Now came the “most interesting moment” – in his own words – when the British Prime Minister finally sent the British into the world after Brexit. A world where the word “crisis” has no place. Johnson said his country is currently experiencing a “period of adjustment”.

“Boris Johnson is tough”

Criticism of the London Police and continued bans on petrol stations in Great Britain obscures the ruling Conservative Party convention. Great Britain correspondent Stephanie Paulson reports from the Tory party conference in Manchester.

More restrictions for immigrants

Conservatism is a high-risk project that can be approached with the usual flexible confidence. After the expansion of the EU in 2004, no country in Europe took on as many workers as the United Kingdom, and the whole economic model changed itself accordingly. Through Brexit, London gained control over its borders and therefore immigration.

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That is why everyone who wants to stay in the country permanently must now overcome the high barriers: a permanent job equivalent to a minimum annual salary of 30,000 euros, an expensive visa fee or strict fulfillment. Criteria for exceptional international competence.

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Display of empty shelves and signs in the space for soft drinks at the Sainsbury's branch.  Large numbers of people in Corona-related isolation pose new challenges to Great Britain.  Many supermarkets have trouble filling their shelves.  (Explanation too "The British economy must abolish corona isolation") +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

On the continent, Johnson’s dangerous revolution is being meticulously observed. “There is a certain joy,” EU delegates agree behind closed doors. After 18 months of epidemic stroke, the effects of leaving the EU are known to the general public for the first time.

The abolition of EU freedom of movement means the end of unrestricted immigration to the UK labor market. For example, why not drivers for the heavy and hazardous transportation that can be provided to gas stations. Just like the butchers from Eastern Europe who work hard in the meat factories.

100,000 truck drivers are missing

The presentation confusion explains how difficult it is to reconcile Johnson’s theory and practice. Industry representatives estimate that the country needs about 100,000 truck drivers to stabilize the supply chain. Business representatives called Downing Street in mid-June and asked the Prime Minister to release visa allocations in view of the epidemic and the end of the Christmas business.

Johnson still had three months to move, publicly expressing his reluctance. Because the Tory party base and the new voters in its former working areas precisely did not want this immigration, which in their view led to a fall in wages and a drop in living standards.

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Owns and community

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Despite this, the government approved 300 visas for heavy traffic drivers in a short notice, and another 4,700 will be issued by the end of October. However, according to “Times” research, only 27 EU applicants have registered in London as of this week. “People will not come if the job is not really attractive. Why should they give up a well-paying job that is limited to a few months?

But Downing Street is not shying away from facing its own economy. For a long time, domestic companies have become accustomed to getting workers from abroad conveniently and cheaply instead of investing in their own people and production technologies, the government criticized.

“Adjustment Difficulties” – Empty supermarket shelves and no gasoline

Due to a shortage of suppliers, there are empty supermarket shelves all over the UK and petrol pumps are said to be “out of order”. Prime Minister Boris Johnson calls what is happening in his country “adjustment difficulties.”

Source: WELT / Sandra Saatmann

Johnson’s approach is undoubtedly dangerous. Inflation is expected to rise to more than four per cent in the last quarter of the year, driven primarily by rising energy prices. Many extended programs for short-term work are coming to an end these days, with six million families receiving the lowest income since the onset of the Corona crisis receiving a weekly support allowance equivalent to the 24 euros introduced by the epidemic.

According to a study by the University of Liverpool, the removal of this support will affect 300,000 children living below the official poverty line. It should not be forgotten that the Conservative government is planning various tax increases for budget consolidation in 2022. The government had to pay the equivalent of 5 475 billion due to the corona epidemic. Empty shelves at Christmas will drown out British long-term patience when faced with these challenges.

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