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Great Britain: Kingston wrestles with the Delta variant


Status: 19.06.2021 6:29 am

Other symptoms, highly contagious: Delta variation worries Great Britain. Where it spreads it needs quick counter-measures.

From Sven Lohmann,
ARD-Studio London

Looking at the numbers that morning, Ilona Liddington realized something had to be done. In Kingston, a suburb of London, corona numbers are rising: are there four times as many cases as the previous day?

Sven Lohmann
ARD-Studio London

It was the end of May, and as it continued in the following days, the local media talked about an “explosion”. Liddington Kingston is leading the health department and assembling his team. Above all, she wants to find out why the virus suddenly spreads again, which is what counts. The delta variant of the corona virus now dominates Great Britain. It is also responsible for 90 percent of diseases.

Looking for more information

The Department of Health wants more information on the increase in infections. PCR tests have been sent to all schools and universities in Lydington; Everyone is encouraged to check in twice a week. Your staff gathers and distributes quick tests to anyone who catches them.

It sets up an additional testing center with PCR tests and invites people to come – especially those without symptoms. Liddington wants to get a detailed picture: Who is threatened by delta variation? Who doesn’t?

Prevention and Collection of Essential Information: Ilona Liddington at a testing center in Kingston.

Image: ARD London

Many can be tested quickly

Kingston has a population of 180,000. 20,000 people tested within a week – more than one in ten. “We’re so excited,” Liddington said.

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Numerous restaurants and cafes around the Thames are already packed for breakfast – from late breakfast. Those who come in the afternoon have to wait for a table. In the town center, people are running into shops, coming and going in Market Square.

Guy Peach sits at a table and drinks a lemon – although he doesn’t really taste it. He had Covit-19, that was ten days ago. At first he thought it was a cold. Cold, sore throat, headache affected him. “But then the sense of taste was gone and I thought I’d test myself,” he says. Peach had already been given an injection, but it did not protect him. The test was positive – the delta variant, the health department informed him by a phone call.

Guy Beach was thought to be on track to protect against the corona virus with the first vaccine. Then the symptoms of the disease were shown.

Image: ARD London

Abnormal symptoms

The Lydington Authority could tell him because all the trials in Kingston were lined up. The case of peach is common: the symptoms may differ from the known Govit-19 symptoms and appear as a normal cold. This is similarly reported from other congregations.

Almost all events in Kingston are due to delta variation. Like peaches, those who receive only one dose of the vaccine are also affected. More and more young people who have not yet been vaccinated.

Kingston has a variety of schools and three universities. That’s why the numbers in the village have increased – because in Great Britain vaccines are consistently based on age groups. Those under 25 are still insecure, and now it’s their turn. “We are now vaccinating more and more so that the younger generation can be taken care of quickly and the problem can be brought under control,” says Lydington.

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Nationwide development

What can be seen in a magnifying glass in Kingston applies to the whole of England. According to the government, the two-dose vaccine provides the highest level of protection against serious diseases in 85 to 98 percent of delta variants. However, a syringe is less effective than previous versions. There can only be 60 percent protection against a severe course – and without the vaccine, the risk of coming to the hospital is twice as high.

“The delta variant is highly contagious,” says Linda Bald, of the University of Edinburgh Health Institute, “because fewer viruses are enough to infect people”. The number of illnesses and hospital admissions in the UK is rising again.

In fact, all actions related to the corona should be resolved from Monday. The British government has postponed it for four weeks as a precautionary measure. Looking at the findings, he wants to carry out his vaccination program first, and two-thirds of the population will be vaccinated with two doses until nightclubs are reopened and theater or sports organizers are allowed to occupy all spaces.

It should be ready by July 19th. In Kingston, life goes on as naturally as possible – everyone needs to be careful and constantly tested. Then, Ilona Litington of the Department of Health believes the numbers in Kingston will soon be good again.