February 4, 2023

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Great Britain’s heatwave has brought rail services to a standstill

Lauterbach: “Your life is at risk”

9:54 am: Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) again called on Twitter to pay special attention to the elderly. “Elderly people often have disturbances such as temperature and thirst. Their lives are in danger in the next few days. Consideration and active help are now necessary,” he writes.

The fire destroys thousands of olive trees

9.51 am: A fierce fire has destroyed large areas of farmland south of the port city of Rethymno in Crete. The region’s mayor, Giannis Tatarakis, told Greek news channel Real FM on Tuesday. So far 1,850 hectares of agricultural lands have been burnt and destroyed. “It’s mainly olive trees. Many people have no income,” the mayor said.

Firefighters, firefighting helicopters, firefighting planes and hundreds of firefighters and volunteers battled the blaze. It erupted on Friday, state radio reported. Civil defense warned on Tuesday that drought and strong winds across southern Greece made the fire risk extremely high.

Great Britain’s heatwave has brought rail services to a standstill

9.42 am: Extreme temperatures disrupted train services in parts of England on Tuesday. Route network operator Network Rail has announced that operations on major rail lines on the English east coast and the Midlands have been completely suspended. People have been urged to change their travel plans.

Rail in Great Britain: Heat causes massive failures. (Credit: ZUMA Wire/imago-images-pictures)

“We have not taken these decisions lightly. Our engineers have been working very hard to assess the resilience of the infrastructure in this record heat and we have decided we have no choice but to close,” Network Rail chief manager Jack Kelly said. BBC on Tuesday morning.

Temperatures of up to 42 degrees Celsius will be recorded in parts of England on Tuesday. If confirmed, it would be the hottest temperature ever recorded in Britain. The previous temperature record in Great Britain was 38.7 degrees and was measured in Cambridge in 2019. The British Met Office issued a red weather warning for the first time last weekend due to the heat. According to the Met Office, Tuesday night was the warmest since records began.




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