December 10, 2022

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Gulf of Persia: US Navy fires warning shots at Iranian boats

You are currently in talks in Vienna on a nuclear deal Iran Minimal improvement. So this incident is especially troubling in the Persian Gulf. There, a U.S. Navy ship fired warning shots in the direction of three Iranian military boats.

The U.S. Navy announced on Tuesday that speedboats of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards had approached the US ships “USS Firebolt” and “Paranoff” within 62 meters on Monday.

A crew of American ships first alerted Iranian boats by radio and loudspeaker. As they approached, the “USS Firebolt” crew finally threw warning shots.

After this expansion, the U.S. Navy reported that Revolutionary Guard speedboats moved away from U.S. ships to “safe distances.” He condemned the actions of the Iranian revolutionary guards. It said it “increased the risk of miscalculation and / or conflict”. The Navy insisted that commanders of U.S. ships had the right to defend themselves. A similar incident had already taken place on April 2, according to US sources.

Conflicts took place in the Persian Gulf Vienna talks about the revival of the international nuclear deal with Iran. Under the then President Donald Trump Were they there? United States In 2018 Vienna pulled out of the nuclear deal. The aim is to bring the Ayatollahs to their knees with the most severe sanctions.

Biden has long wanted better relations with Iran

Trump’s successor Joe Biden Has signaled its readiness to bring its country back into the treaty. In February, however, Biden called on Iran to reduce its “instability measures” in the Middle East and the Gulf region.

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Over the past two decades, Iran has been able to significantly expand its power in the region. Wars inside Iraq And inside Syria With Tehran In the hands. Biden appears to have decided that Iran would defend its regional hegemony. In the long run, he aims to normalize the relationship with the regime.