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Will Gun Control Ads Benefit Democrats in State Elections?

in Virginia

A gun safety group, Everytown for Gun Safety has allocated a funding of $175,000 to Democratic hopefuls for State Senate in order to broadcast new gun control ads in Virginia. With the funding, one of the largest gun safety groups in the country has thrown the ball in the National Rifle Association’s court.

The group, funded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, allotted the funding to Democrats Sheila Bynum-Coleman and Rep. John Bell running for elections in Richmond and Loudoun and Prince William counties respectively.

The move is aimed to call for stricter gun laws and at the same time oppose the GOP members. Earlier in June, Gov. Northam called for the special session in an effort to improve the gun laws in lieu of the aftermath of Virginia Beach shooting.

In one of the gun control ads, Democrat Bynum-Coleman said, “During the special session on guns, Speaker Cox worked for the gun lobby, not us. He shut the session down in 90 minutes with no votes. Kirk Cox cares more about the gun lobby than our families.”

She will be contesting against state House Speaker and GOP member Kirk Cox and the statement was to criticize Cox’s action to block the debate on gun control bills during a special session in June.

Rep. Bell, running for a state Senate seat from Loudoun and Prince William counties, in his ad said, “I am not afraid of the NRA especially when it comes to keeping our kids safe.”

The gun control ads by the Democratic hopefuls for the State Senate have proved to hit two birds with one stone. As they will not only boost their campaign but also ensure that the Democrats do not depart from the path of asking for stricter gun reforms throughout the country. Aside from proving beneficial in the state elections, it might also provide an upper hand to the Democrats in the 2020 presidential elections.

The Cox’s campaign or NRA has not come forward to issue a comment on the campaign ads. Furthermore, the Republicans might be on a tight rope due to controversy surrounding Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase and her ad on gun control.

In the latest turn of events, she has shifted the blame on Media Company for the statement published in the ad, after the statement prompted severe backlash. The statement said, “I’m not afraid to shoot down gun groups. SIGN my petition to help end the assault on our liberties.”

Gun control ads, along with rallies might prove to be the most effective weapon for the Democrats to call out stricter gun reforms and if possible implement them. However, what remains to be seen is will the Democrats be able to turn the current tide in their favor considering that gun control is the key issue in the upcoming state elections on November 5.


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