January 28, 2023

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Gunther Jazz has no understanding of people who refuse to be vaccinated

Panorama Gunther Jazz

“I totally do not understand those who do not want to be vaccinated”

“Thuringia Puzzle” – Current corona numbers are explained for you

We hear new corona case numbers every day. But what do they mean, where are we in the epidemic, and what is the trend? Olaf Kersman briefly and concisely evaluates current statistics. Everything you need to know on January 17th.

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G√ľnther Jauch believes that those who refuse to be vaccinated are taking the community as a whole “hostages.” In an interview with “NZZ”, he talks about his understanding of journalism – and criticizes public broadcasters.

D.He also criticized TV presenter Gunther Jazz for not wanting to be vaccinated against the corona virus. “In principle, the vaccine would be the solution if everyone was vaccinated regularly,” Jazz said. “New Zurich Newspaper” (NZZ). Those who refuse will take society as a whole hostage. “I totally don’t understand people who don’t want to be vaccinated.”

Jazz has previously criticized those who refuse to be vaccinated. Last year he took part in a campaign promoting the federal government vaccine. This led to criticism because at the time he was not vaccinated as a matter of priority and was infected with the corona virus shortly before the campaign began.

“I do not like proselytizing journalism at all”

“I can not get out of this number,” said Jazz of “NZZ” now. He received reports accusing him of being a “government accomplice” or “computer whore”. Jazz complained that people on the Internet were increasingly losing “all barriers.” “Due to digitization, any primary grievance can be easily broken.”

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Corona “Walkers”

Jazz also discovered key words for public broadcasting. “As a sense of independence, in public service in the political arena you occasionally come up against limits,” he said. “An Approach and Global Progress Magazine” from the United States is on the rise. Jazz, a trained journalist, supported open research. “I do not like proselytizing journalism at all.”

Functionality makes language more difficult. He recently invited a woman to a program for the care of the disabled. The woman did not dare because she heard that the “disabled” were no longer used and that she had no problem. Jazz sometimes gets angry because he says “students” so naturally.

Jazz insisted he was a “political figure” but independent. He does not follow any party political policy. People will notice that too. In polls where celebrities are assigned to a party, people are “hopelessly helpless” with him.

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