December 10, 2022

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Hair cut! Jurnis’ father sued the school for one million dollars – BZ Berlin

Her beautiful locks make for an expensive case.

The father of 7-year-old Journey, from Michigan in the United States, is suing his daughter’s school staff for $ 1 million in damages — because a teacher cut the girl’s hair.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court against Mount Pleasant Public Schools, reports. It claims that the girl’s constitutional rights have been violated. It is about racial discrimination, racial intimidation, intentional infliction of mental distress and physical harm.

The girl’s father, Jimmy Hoffmeyer, came home in March from Journey Elementary School, where most of his curly hair was missing on one side. The woman said a classmate on the school bus cut her hair with scissors.

Two days after the incident on the bus, after the parents complained to the headmistress, Juni came to the house where the woman on the other side had her hair cut to compensate for the different lengths of her hair.

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“I thought I told you no child should cut your hair back,” Hoffmeyer told his daughter, according to “”. Her answer: “But Dad, that’s the teacher.” She cut Journey’s hair straight.

Purpose: Racial hatred?

Hoffmeyer suspects a racist background because Journey’s mother is white and she is black. The classmate and teacher who cut Journey’s hair were white.

It is not clear why the author actually used scissors. In July, the education authority announced that it had received a teacher’s reprimand for violating school policy, despite her “good intentions” and without the consent of her parents and the district administration. The other two employees knew about the incident but did not report it. According to the school administration, all three staff members have apologized.

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The school board said there was no racial discrimination in the independent investigation. This includes interviews with school district staff, students and families, and reviews of videos and photos, including posts on social media. The district administration also conducted an internal investigation into the incident.

However, for Journey’s father, the matter does not end there. He said he did not interview the district or the woman. So, the case now goes to court.

Journey’s curls have now grown back, but that kid is now studying at a different school.