December 10, 2022

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Hanging on the face instead of a mask: Thrown by a group of civil rights activists from the pilots

Pendant on face instead of mask
The crew throws in what should be civil rights activists from the pilots

FFP2 masks very effectively prevent the spread of corona virus, the protective effect of tight women’s underwear, on the other hand, is very low. In Florida, a man has to get off a plane because he wears a piece on his face rather than a mask. Through his opposition he sees himself in the tradition of the Afro-American civil rights movement.

A passenger in the United States was thrown off a plane before departure because he pulled a red bearing over his face instead of a safety mask. The 38-year-old masked protester wanted to fly from Fort Lauderdale in Florida to the US capital, Washington, U.S. media reported Thursday. In a cellphone video he is seen sitting in his seat with red underwear on his face and then asked to leave the plane by United Airlines staff.

Covering the unusual face, the man protests against the need for a mask on the planes. “Nonsense is the best way to show absurdity,” the 38-year-old told NBC2. The need for a mask is “stupid”, “stupid” and “theater” – after all, the corona virus does not know that “we are at the height of the air”. There is no correlation between the need for a mask and the height of the aircraft on flights in the United States – but many sit together for hours in a confined space.

The man compared himself to Rosa Parks, an American civil rights icon on NBC2. The African-American opposed racial segregation in the southern state in 1955 and refused to get up from his seat in a section of the bus reserved for white passengers. Change in the United States has always been considered by “ordinary people,” travelers said. “Rosa Parks was not popular. She changed the course of history.”

Masked enemies often cause trouble

He said several passengers left the plane after the person was thrown off the plane. In the cell phone video, a person is shown doing this. Praised the conduct of the United Airlines team. “The customer did not clearly comply with the requirement of the mask imposed by the federal authorities,” the airline said. It is to be welcomed that the problems that may have occurred during the flight were prevented as the staff raised the issue before the flight took off.

There have always been arguments about the need for masks on planes in the United States. Many reject the obligation to wear mouth and nose protection. Like the vaccine, this issue has been politically blamed in the United States. Former President Donald Trump, for example, rarely wore a safety mask and publicly mocked those who wore the mask. On the other hand, his successor, Joe Biden, continues to urge people to follow the recommendations of health officials regarding wearing masks.

The limit of 800,000 corona deaths has been exceeded in the United States this week. This is the highest number recorded in the world.

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