February 3, 2023

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'Harry & Meghan': A sequel to the Netflix series reviews

‘Harry & Meghan’: A sequel to the Netflix series reviews

Piers Morgan, an outspoken critic of the couple for years, called the series a “whiny” and a “cruel betrayal” of the royal family at the time. sun pillarmocking Meghan’s declaration in her wedding speech that “love wins”:

Above all, love wins! It calms down, and it also plays schmaltzy music a la “Downton Abbey.”

But what these two do does not promote love or winning.

They spew endless toxic hate upon their families and cause great rage and pain to people who, in the case of Harry’s family, know they cannot and will not respond publicly.

They also do increasing damage to a happily replaced establishment while berating, tarnishing, and diminishing it.

Despite a general aversion to the documentary bringing together the left and the right in Britain, there was sympathy for Meghan’s account of having suicidal thoughts after the couple’s wedding, in 2018, which she said was prompted in part by a barrage of negative press coverage.

“What is clear is that there was (and still is) a smear campaign,” said Nina Metz Books in the Chicago Tribune. “They really are they were Under siege. They really feared for their safety.”

write to times of london, Carole Midgley has acknowledged a level of injustice from the media and Buckingham Palace:

Because when Harry and Meghan aren’t making out and cringing and documenting their own anguish in staged black-and-white photography, they give a convincing account of feeling attacked and bullied by sections of the media and some palace aides. There really was a period of time when Meghan couldn’t do anything right, whether it was touching her baby bump too much or wearing an off-the-shoulder dress, Kate couldn’t do anything wrong. It was heartbreaking to see Meghan’s mother so upset after Meghan said she felt overwhelmed by the constant attacks that wanted to take her life, which was horrible.

Louis Staples He writes in Slate that although he considers the Duchess of Sussex the victim of “racial bullying and plain misogyny” in the British press, he still finds the couple’s documentary, well, “disturbing”, noting that the pair are “out of sight, self-absorbed and more bloated than Hallmark Movie”. But Staples argues that this does not negate their legitimate grievances.

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Staples wrote: “While the couple continue to share their story, those of us who think they are right here should leave them alone: ​​aggrieved And the annoying. They are not perfect. They don’t have to be.”

Aside from the family drama, there was another piece of information that caught his attention American The media Attention Because It included the types of kings in the country. A few publications fail to mention a text message from pop star Beyoncé that Meghan said she received after meeting Winfrey; In it, Megan said, Beyoncé expressed her support and said she believed Megan was “chosen to break the curses that have been passed down from generation to generation and that need to be healed”.

This assessment won Prince Harry’s approval, to which he replied: “That was well said.”