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HBO’s Miniseries on Chernobyl Disaster Tops on IMDb

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HBO, an American entertainment network that has the highest number of subscribers in the US, recently premiered a miniseries with the name Chernobyl. The show that tells the story of the 1986’s  Chernobyl disaster has become number one on IMDb’s list.

Written by Craig Mazin and directed by Johan Renck, Chernobyl – one of the greatest miniseries produced by HBO in association with Sky UK – started on May 6. The five-episode series recalls the horrible disaster that occurred at a nuclear power plant in Ukraine on April 26, 1986.

The after effects of the disaster were seen for years as people suffered from radiation sickness with increase in the number of cancer patients in the country. As the casualties remained disputed, the disaster was considered as one of the worst catastrophes in the history of mankind.

Chernobyl series stars Jared Harris as Valery Legasov, a leading Soviet nuclear physicist; Stellan Skarsgård as Soviet Deputy Prime Minister Boris Shcherbina, who is assigned by the Kremlin to lead the government commission after the Chernobyl disaster; and Emily Watson, who portrays Ulana Khomyuk, a Soviet nuclear physicist committed to solving the mystery of what caused the explosion.

The gritty miniseries, thereby includes the cause of the Chernobyl disaster, including stories of local people who were of great help during the chaos and died while tackling it. It dramatizes the act of how the radioactive release spread across Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine and as far as Scandinavia and Western Europe led to the sufferings of the people. The writer has also covered the reaction of survivals, including Soviet Union’s efforts in trying to cover up the worst man-made disaster, so that it remains a secret for the world.

Chernobyl has been ranked on top, with average rating of 9.7 stars from about 140,000 users on IMDb. The miniseries running on HBO ended on June 3. Since its conclusion, the series has been ahead of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” (9.5), BBC’s “Planet Earth II” (9.5), HBO’s “Band of Brothers” (9.5), the original “Planet Earth” (9.4), HBO’s “Game of Thrones” (9.3), and HBO’s “The Wire” (9.3), becoming number one on IMDb’s TV rankings.

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