December 5, 2022

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He jumped into the water when hit: BILD found a Ukrainian survivor – politics abroad

Dramatic seconds are life and death – and Watt (26) decided to jump into the lake!

BILD reporters found the Ukrainian in Kremenchuk, who miraculously escaped shrapnel in the water.

On Tuesday afternoon, Watt wants to spend a relaxing afternoon in the park with a friend. Suddenly rockets! The missiles were launched almost simultaneously with the attack on the mall.

Watt: “We heard an alarm and after 10 minutes there was the first explosion. We knew she was a little way off. Two or three minutes later there was a second explosion. She was very close to us.

You know: it’s serious! The video shows Watt running towards the water, jumping over a fence and hitting the ground. “I was scared and didn’t know where to hide. Water was the only way out. I jumped in and tried to swim as deep as I could.

Missile attack! small piece! Watt started running…Photo:

When he jumps into the water, the girlfriend runs the other way: “I’m in the water,” I shouted, but she ran the other way. What I didn’t know: She can’t swim.”

Jumping over a rail...

Jumping over a rail…Photo:

The fragment flies through the park, and into the water again and again, Watt dives as hard as he can. Miracle: He only has a burn and a few scratches on his back, and his girlfriend only minor injuries.

... and dives in the park's lake

… and dives in the park’s lakePhoto:

How did he feel when his life was in danger?

“My first thought was to survive. There was no fear at the time, it was an adrenaline rush. Everything was in slow motion. People were running slowly, everything was slow. The only thing that was fast was the explosion. The fear came later.”

Watt (26, right) tells BILD reporter Paul Ronsheimer about his inner act

Watt (26, right) tells BILD reporter Paul Ronsheimer about his inner actPhoto: Giorgos Moutafis

Two days later, the incredible surveillance camera video went online. Russian propaganda also uses it. Watt: “It’s horrible, I saw comments on our video where the Russians want us dead. Why do people want other people dead?”

The scenes showing Watt, his girlfriend, and other people in the park are also symbolic of the fact that Russian rocket terrorism can strike civilians anywhere. One moment peace, the next hell. Watt had come to Kremenchuk from Odessa as a mobile phone seller and thought it would be safe here. “We love this park and we often come here with friends.”

The Russian military also hit a nearby factory building with a rocket suspected of being used for weapons production. However, there was no sign of weapons in the building.

Watt: “We all want the Russian army to stop bombing us! We want to sit quietly in the park on a nice summer’s day without worrying about the next alarm.

Map: War in Ukraine (until June 29, 2022) - Chart

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